Spain is not prepared for another pandemic “because it lacks an ethical and legal framework”

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The pandemic leaves many challenges ahead. One of them in the legal field. And, the Covid has put on the table the need to provide the authorities with regulatory tools.

“Normatively we are not prepared for a new pandemic. We still do not have an ethical and legal framework“, has said Ophelia de Lorenzo, Director of the Contentious Legal Area at De Lorenzo Abogados and 1st Vice President of the Spanish Association of Health Law (AEDS). “The two public health standards are vague and not everything can be prosecuted.”

This was revealed during the last day of the II Symposium of the Health Observatory organized by EL ESPAÑOL and Invertia, in which he participated in a round table together with Federico de Montalvo Jääskeläinen, President of the Bioethics Committee of Spain and member of the International Bioethics Committee of Unesco; Rosa Martinez Cal, PhD in Economics and actuary from Promede, and Yolanda Aguilar, director of the Redes Platform.

5. Round table. Health law and ethical aspects

Also De Moltavo has agreed, although he has qualified that “a relationship of trust between judges is lacking and also of the culture of interpretation of the norms. “Even so, he has recognized that” the system can be improved. “

The president of the Bioethics Committee has been forceful: “In the legal sphere, things are going from bad to worse. The problem is not one of drafting norms, it is a problem of relationships and forms. We have magnificent officials but they lack time to train. and face such uncertain times, “he added.

A moment during the round table.

A moment during the round table.

Esteban Palazuelos.

For her part, the director of the Networks Platform, has spoken about how the pandemic claims and on the preliminary draft presented in relation to conflicts.

“Incorporates the possibility of resolving conflicts avoiding going to court. It is a beginning, a hopeful one. It includes mediation and the figure of the independent expert who will facilitate the parties to reach an agreement. “And not only that. In Aguilar’s words, with the appropriate instructions,” the parties will be able to address this conflict from the beginning, which will more humanized and will be closer to the patient. “

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