Spain is more of a mental island than an energetic one

When you are driving down the road and all the cars are coming at you, you may be going in the opposite direction. Normally, only stupidity or arrogance prevents recognition. The British sentence is known when the English Channel was rendered useless for maritime navigation due to fog: “The continent, isolated & rdquor ;. The issue is point of view. As a consequence of the invasion of Ukraine, geostrategy -which seemed to have been superseded by globalization- has returned to the table talks and even to the chats of the brothers-in-law. The big issue is energy.. But, in this matter, determining who is going in the right direction is not easy. Seen from the oldest Spain, whether on the right or on the left, Pedro Sánchez goes against the direction in Morocco. Seen from the Moncloa alchemy laboratory and from its media terminals, Europe is going in the wrong direction – to the point that Sánchez tried to change it without success – and it is fortunate that Spain has achieved ”the “Iberian exception” when setting the price of gas used to produce electricity. Both positions are more typical of “let them invent” than of public opinion in the EU’s fourth largest economy.

Germany and Russia, not everything is gas

We discussed over coffee the impact of the Ukraine invasion on energy prices in a climate-sensitive forum. A person who has wandered through all the summits of the subject since the last century reveals how did Angela Merkel, then Minister of the Environment, manage to carry out the Kyoto Protocol. He convinced Russia to sign it by making it see that the sale of gas emission rights with a polluting effect it could become an alternative source of income to the sale of gas and oil and with more future due to the enormous reserves that it could accumulate in the tundra. When Merkel was chancellor, Vladimir Putin reminded him on more than one occasion that no country in the European Union had ever bought those emission rights from him.n. Another resentment of the Russian leader who has launched himself on Ukraine for reasons as diverse as geostrategic needs, internal political urgencies and that arrogance that, taken to the limit of autocracy, causes him to consider that the world, and not him, is going against direction. And along the way he takes thousands of lives ahead.

Look to the future without backing down

Merkel is also responsible for Germany replacing its nuclear power plants with Russian gas for electricity generation. She did it because environmental awareness in that country became mainstream long before it did in the rest of Europe. And she, at the same time, she committed to the elimination of greenhouse gases. For this reason, the price of electricity in Europe is set based on the most expensive source of generation, which is usually gas, in a way that makes sales from renewables, including hydro, competitive. And the Germans are not willing to change it overnight. They look at politics with the eyes of engineering. And now the priority to lower the price of gas is not to hit it and endanger the transition to green energy – where billions of euros have been invested – but to seek alternative suppliers to Putin’s Russia, from the United States to Algeria. Germany therefore wants the gas to enter Europe through the south in order to close the tap in the north. The solution is not to go back to the energies of the past but to follow the plan.

The Sahara from another point of view

Although Sánchez likes palmeros more than allies, his change of position regarding the Sahara makes sense in this context without forgetting that he has explained it in the worst possible way. You have to change your point of view. Who asks for it? Germany, the EU’s main partner, in addition to the United States. What are you asking for? To ensure the reopening of the gas pipeline that passes through Morocco, increase the capacity of gas entry from Algeria and make Midcat’s investment profitable. What risks does it entail? The claim of Ceuta and Melilla that Morocco knows is impossible in the medium term and the anger of Algeria, which can afford it with Spain but not with the entire EU while its Russian partner has become a pariah.

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