Investments from Spain will continue betting on Mexico, even in times of difficulty to take advantage of trade relations with North America and Europe, the ambassador of the Iberian country promised, Juan Lopez Dorigaalthough he warned that his companies in Mexican territory will be defended so that they are granted certainty and a friendly environment for their businesses.

when celebrating 130 years of the commercial relationship between Mexico and Spainthe Spanish diplomat said that Mexican companies are welcome in Spain and receive the same treatment as Spaniards, and those that are here in Mexico do so trusting and always betting on Mexico, even in times of difficulty.

“They deserve the same treatment as the Mexican companies in Spaindeserve to be able to carry out their work with full respect for legal certainty and the investment climate, as the minister said Jose Manuel Alvares Bueno: the Spanish government will not stop defending them when necessary, here and in Europe”, said Ambassador López Dóriga.

In the presence of the Secretary of Economy, Tatiana Clouthierand members of the Business Coordinating Council (CCE), the diplomat warned that in the midst of the global context of war in ukraine and the breakdown of production chains, “more than ever we need to welcome companies, we are witnessing the beginning of a great transformation, this time of global economic relations.”

If a few years ago there was talk of slowing down globalization, today – he said – we are going to talk directly about something else, about a new kind of a new form of globalization based on security, not just efficiency.

In this regard, the government official of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador highlighted the geographical position of Mexico to increase international investments.

“The modernization of Free Trade Agreement with the European Union (TLCUEM) will further strengthen our trade and seeks to find ways from the Foreign Ministry so that this trade agreement begins as soon as possible, because Mexico has become a production and marketing platform for major global companies and Spain continues to be an alliance in this sense, in a relationship not only of friendship but also economic”, explained Clouthier.

That is why the Mexican government promotes the World Logistics Passport for trade facilitation and above all, working on the value and supply chains that have been interrupted not only by the pandemic but also now by the war in Russia and Ukraine so that they can continue to strengthen.

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