Spain asks Mexico for legal certainty; will defend your interests

Mexico City. Companies do not need to be defended in the sense of their good work, the quality of the projects they carry out and the employment they generate in Mexico, declared the Foreign Minister of the Spanish government, José Manuel Albares, yesterday afternoon, March 9, at the residence of the Spanish embassy in Mexico City.

“300,000 Mexicans work for Spanish companies in Mexico and almost a million indirectly,” commented the diplomat, highlighting the importance of the bilateral relationship.

In the midst of a hostile environment in the bilateral relationship generated by President López Obrador during the first three years of his government, the Spanish diplomat pointed out that, during his meeting with Secretary Marcelo Ebrard and in the Senate, he asked in favor of the companies Spanish that “comments are not left in the air, insinuations that are not justified or corroborated later with any type of evidence and I have also asked for legal certainty”.

Yesterday morning, President AMLO charged again against Spanish companies. “The previous relationship with Spain was characterized by the abuse of Spanish companies in our country, and although it takes a lot of work to accept it, to understand it, Mexico is not a land of conquest,” said the Mexican president.

Despite his words, Albares responded generously saying: “I have heard those statements (…) I keep the positive. The president of Mexico welcomed me in these statements and I appreciate it. He said that the Spanish people were a great people and that he wanted to have the best relationship with Spain”.

No retroactivity

Minister Albares recalled that the Spanish companies that came to Mexico “under certain conditions do not see changes, which are perfectly legitimate in a sovereign State, for reforms that may exist, there can be no retroactivity in terms of the decisions that are taken .

Albares is part of the Government of President Pedro Sánchez, since last July 12 he was appointed Foreign Minister.

The official revealed that he also asked Ebrard and the senators that “any reform that is carried out, very specifically with the reform of the electricity sector, does not conflict with the Global Agreement between the European Union and Mexico that Spain promotes and that we want to see enter into force as soon as possible.”

He warned that “no one should have any doubt that if the interests of Spain needed to be defended (…) I will be the first to do so.”

The Economist asked him if there are red lines under the scenario that AMLO charges against Spain again. Albares said: “we reject (criticism against Spanish companies), they are words that are repeated and repeated, but that have no basis (…) I do hope that this does not cloud the other part of the discourse, which is the desire to have the best relations with us”.

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