Sorel-Tracy | Strategic private ports

The upcoming expansion of the Port of Montreal at Contrecœur, near Sorel-Tracy, could boost port activity in the region. That said, Sorel-Tracy already has four private ports which total 8 million tonnes annually in loading and unloading of agricultural products, fuels, minerals and general merchandise.

Kildair Oil Terminal

The Port of Kildair in Sorel-Tracy is one of the largest heavy fuel oil terminals in North America. This terminal handles different types of petroleum products, such as heavy fuel oil, marine diesel and bitumen. The firm employs around fifty people in its port infrastructure. Its products come from refineries located in Quebec, Ontario, Western Canada and the United States. In 2023, this port loaded 1.2 million metric tons and unloaded the same amount. Volumes are expected to be equivalent in 2024. Kildair plans to include alternative green fuels in its local maritime operations to help its customers make the transition to carbon neutrality.

The port of Rio Tinto Iron and Titanium


The Rio Tinto Fer et Titane port is strategic for supplying the neighboring factory.

The Rio Tinto Fer et Titane (RTFT) port in Sorel-Tracy receives ships loaded with ilmenite from the largest deposit in the world, the Lake Tio mine, located north of Havre-Saint-Pierre. The port also receives ilmenite from an RTFT mine in Madagascar. In Sorel-Tracy, the ships are unloaded to supply the RTFT metallurgical complex. The ore is intended for the production of high-grade titanium dioxide. This product is commonly used as a pigment to whiten paint, textiles and paper. RTFT employs no less than 1,450 people in this factory, which is the largest employer in the region.

The QSL terminal


The QSL marine terminal is served by two Canadian National (CN) railway lines.

QSL’s marine terminal in Sorel-Tracy specializes in handling cargoes of bulk products, general cargo and steel. It accommodates all types of vessels with a water depth of 11 meters. The port has an outdoor warehouse of 112,000 square meters, plus 4,740 square meters of indoor storage. Established in Quebec, QSL has a series of port terminals in North America, created on the initiative of its founder, Denis Dupuis, who started the company in 1978 with $10,000 in his pocket. He is preparing to hand over control in 2024, while the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec has just invested to acquire a stake in the company with the investment firm iCON.

Richardson Terminal


The port of Richardson is a platform for trading agricultural products.

It is from its Sorel-Tracy terminal that the Richardson International firm ships Canadian agricultural products to the rest of the world. Its private port employs 66 employees. The company has a marketing office that purchases grains and oilseeds from local farmers for marketing across continents. Richardson works with more than 600 Quebec farms that grow grains, oilseeds and corn. The Richardson terminal provides cleaning and storage of these agricultural products. Each year, several hundred ships transport local products to the Great Lakes. And over the past 10 years, more than 500 ships have been loaded in Sorel-Tracy to serve international destinations.


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