Sorel-Tracy | Industrial giant seeks suitable tenant

At the heart of the Ludger-Simard industrial park, in Sorel-Tracy, we find a giant: the Sylvain-Simard building. It is in this space that the company Marine Industries built its military ships during the Cold War. We are now looking for a major tenant for this oversized building. Who will be able to take this place in the city’s industrial landscape?

Nancy Annie Léveillée, director of the Sorel-Tracy Industrial Parks Company, is looking forward to finding this particular tenant. For several months now, she has been showing this place to various entrepreneurs from the industrial sector and she notices that the reaction is unequivocal.

“Everyone confirms to me that it is a building of exceptional quality with a very solid industrial structure and promising development for many years to come,” she rejoices.

Built in the mid-1960s, this building has a retractable door almost 21 meters high. Inside, there is a work area 24 meters wide by 152 meters long, half as wide as a soccer field, but a third longer.

The particularity of this building is that there are no columns in the huge central work space because that is where ships were built. All around, there are a series of galleries to be able to work at height.

Nancy Annie Léveillée, director of the Sorel-Tracy Industrial Parks Company

The building also has two overhead cranes of 50 tonnes each. “It’s really a place built for heavy industry,” adds Nancy Annie Léveillée.


The Sylvain-Simard building has an area of ​​more than 15,850 m⁠2.

This extraordinary space must also be based on a solid foundation. In fact, the foundation is made up of one and a half meters of reinforced concrete. With an area of ​​more than 15,850 m⁠2the Sylvain-Simard building has land, reinforced with concrete, of more than 76,200 m⁠2. “Marine Industries put its boats on the ground before they were launched, so it had to be solid,” explains the director.

1.5 meters

This is the thickness of the reinforced concrete foundation of the Sylvain-Simard building

The tenant of this space will also be well served by various transport infrastructures. “The building has a private railway line connected to that of the CN,” indicates Nancy Annie Léveillée. Before, the train even crossed the building and it would be possible to carry out work to rehabilitate the rail. »

The industrial park is also very close to Highway 30.

Return to the original vocation

It was in 2021, in the midst of a pandemic, that the Sorel-Tracy Industrial Parks Company purchased the Sylvain-Simard building. “The company that had it no longer used it and we had Stella-Jones who wanted to install its distribution center for untreated white wood there,” explains Nancy Annie Léveillée. Now, this company is ready to move elsewhere and the building will be available for rent. »

The Sorel-Tracy Industrial Parks Company intends to take advantage of this opportunity to bring back a company from the maritime industry to build or repair boats. Or, a company in an industrial sector that would benefit from a building of this scale.

“We look at local, Canadian and international players,” she explains. There could even be a consortium created. »

She is aware, however, that finding a tenant for a building of this size is an operation that will take time. “It’s a big decision for a company, but the possibility of renting this building is also a very interesting opportunity. It really is a special building. »


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