Someone should tell the truth

I will not say, because I do not want trouble (because I have already written it), that we Catalans love to be deceived or that false expectations are generated around us, yes, yes, of all kinds, you already understand me. We are very prone to build castles in the air or ‘fly fer coloms’.

One thing is to provoke illusion, encourage staff, win people over to the cause and another, very different, not to tell the truth, not to say what we think, not to be realistic and, above all, not to draw up a credible, real project. It is evident and that is where we should start, since it is clear that Joan Laporta I had no project, no endorsements. And, in the end, after finding friends who would lend him the money and hugging (without believing in him) Xavi Hernandez, who is doing an accelerated training course (sorry, but Qatar does not work), is still willing not to tell us the truth.

The lost goals

To consider the Catalans stupid is an enormous audacity. Believe that the Catalans do not realize where they are, sorry, what situation their club is going through, what squad they have, what It is what it is and how far can they dream, which is nothing other than entering the next Champions, is to deceive the staff, as they were deceived with the Bernabéu canvas and the (almost) certainty that Leo messi would still be with us.

Barça, watch out for the data! I say it because I know (I don’t think you are stupid) that you have thought about it a thousand times in recent months (how you suffered Ronald Koeman, which has already been seen that he was not guilty of everything), he has lost between 67 and 76 goals per season. Leo messi and Luis Suarez they scored 76 in the 2017-18 campaign; the two friends repeated, the following campaign (2018-19), with 75 targets and the last time the three missing ‘cracks’ got together (Messi, Suárez and Antoine Griezmann) scored 67 goals. It will be fine or not to remember, but it is the pure reality.

“This year, yes!”

I can be tougher if you want. We should, so as not to mislead the staff. None of the current Barça starters, neither young people nor ‘sacred cows’, would play in the starting eleven of the 15 best European teams. Furthermore: none of the 25 players in the culé squad are at 65% of their performance.

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And, let me (sorry, or not), tell you the latest reality, so that you do not believe (also) what Laporta and Xavi say that at Barça “there are no transitional seasons & rdquor ;: the club has just completed 122 years of life, he has won 26 Leagues and 5 Champions, well, so as not to have transitional seasons that know that, in 96 campaigns, he has run out of great titles.

Finished. Why do you think someone invented the “¡aquest any, si! & Rdquor ;? Because you never won and they always dreamed that that year they would. And neither. So let’s be patient (a lot), hope (all), but let’s not fool the staff, please.

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