Some dark spots that cause hives appear in L’Estartit

Nail dark spots have dyed this week the beaches of the Estartit. Some have confused them with oil stainsbut actually it is a natural phenomenon. It involves thousands of copies of ‘San Pedro boats‘, also known as ‘sailboats‘ what can cause hives on the skin.

Responsible for Natural Park of Montgrí, the Isles Medes and the Baix Ter point out that these are “colonies of polyps, the sting of which is not painful for humans, although care must be taken, since after handling them if we touch our eyes it can cause irritation”.

It is recommended not to touch them

Those responsible for the park have explained that the ‘barquilla de Sant Pere’ is carnivorous and usually feeds on zooplankton who catches with his tentacles. Have stinging cells and it must be taken into account that each person can respond differently to the toxins of these organisms, therefore, it is advisable not to touch them.

This type of organism is often confused with the Portuguese Man-of-War, but there are very big differences, such as its size, the sailboat being much smaller.

Frequent on the Costa Brava and the Mediterranean

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It is common for large colonies of this type of organism to reach the coast during seasonal changes. The Costa Brava has seen arrive on its shores on more than one occasion.

It is a frequent species in the Mediterranean, especially towards the end of winter and during spring, when it forms large groups that can reach the coast thanks to the waves and storms.

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