The Venezuelan electoral authority, controlled by the chavismo, declared its “improvised” actions the solicitation of referendum to revoke the presidency Nicolás Maduropredictably lies that the opposition abandons the process of considering that the conditions impose the invasive action.

Tania D “Amelio, one of the five principals of Electoral National Councilinformed that “42,421 voluntary manifestations were received”, which equals “1.01% of the electoral register”.

A small opposition faction, which will activate the mechanism without the support of the big parties, will have to collect 20% of the electoral cartridge from each state (4.2 million in total).

“The CNE declares the solicitation of referendum revocatorio in the mandate of the President “y” declare without making a new referendum request “, indicated D’Amelio.

The collection of companies is carried out during 12 hours the markets, following the order of the CNE that announced the jornada with five days of presentation, which follows the promoter Venezuelan Movement by the Revocatorio (Mover) makes the process invariable and for that it is called not to participate.

The centers installed by the CNE were vacated during this day in Caracas, the AFP found.

Mover adelanto that pedirá the nullity of the process ante the Tribunal Supremo de Justicia (TSJ), also of official line.

The Constitution establishes any official elected by popular vote can be removed from its cargo during a revocation, a time at the end of its period.

The Venezuelan opposition intends in 2016 to activate a revocation against Maduro, following the blockade process by the CNE and the TSJ, which will ensure irregularities in the collection of sections.

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The only revocation that prospered in 2004 was bankruptcy Hugo Chávezwhich was great with a victorious Victoria.

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