Solana: Can SOL reach $300 in April 2024?

Solana’s latest bull run has been termed as a pleasant development in the world of cryptocurrencies. SOL price has recently hovered between $190 and $200 after briefly breaking through the ambitious price base of $210.

Solana’s “meteoric” price rise has led X analysts to speculate on its future price trajectory. Several analysts have given their forecasts, anticipating SOL’s current momentum to help the token cross the $270 price threshold.

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Solana Price Prediction for April: Can SOL Surpass $250?

Source: NBCNews

SOL has taken the cryptocurrency world by storm in recent times. Its recent price increase trajectories have exceeded traders’ expectations. Investors have now started betting on how SOL can challenge major crypto tokens in a market standoff.

SOL’s recent rising metrics have been quite remarkable. SOL recently toppled all major chains in terms of weekly stablecoin transfer volume.

According to CoinMarketcap, SOL is up 86% over the past month, showing its potential to hit critical milestones soon.

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Solana Price Prediction for April

According to CoinCodex, SOL is poised to cross $200 by the first week of April. The platform predicts that Solana may encounter brief resistance at $202 before entering an uptrend.

“Based on today’s classic pivot point (P1) worth $180.41, Solana has support levels of $174.97, $166.73 and the strongest at 161.30 $. Similarly, Solana’s resistance levels are at $188.65, $194.08, and $202.32.

CoinCodex then predicted new price levels for SOL. The platform predicted that SOL would cross a critical juncture of $202 and surpass $250 by the second week of April 2024.

“Based on our technical indicators, Solana’s 200-day SMA will rise next month and reach $128.50 by April 24, 2024. Solana’s short-term 50-day SMA is expected to reach $288.95 by April 24, 2024.”

If SOL continues to follow current market dynamics, the token could soon surpass $300 by the end of April 2024.

“Solana price prediction for next week ranges from $265.38 low to $307.50 high. Solana price could rise by 15.87% and reach $307.50 by April 7, 2024, if it achieves the upper price target.


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