Social mobilizations in the times of the 4T

One of the common places to try to find the positive side of the 4T is that with these politicians in power the groups that could cause social instability, mobilizations and blockades are controlled.

Come on, since they are the main promoters of the most numerous and even violent mobilizations of the past, that would be one less factor of concern.

They are the ones who propagate that if some other candidate had won the 2018 elections, Mexico would be added to the chaos of the mobilizations, of their mobilizations.

It is true that there are no longer camps on Paseo de la Reforma to demand the presidency, because they already have the presidency.

The President’s political opposition does not know how to mobilize, which is why López Obrador himself calls them cute little ones.

But it is also a fact that there are groups that have found room to grow in the face of a lack of government results or that feel disappointed in the promised transformation and are now resuming their pressure. The same criminal groups, unions or carriers.

If there are organized crime checkpoints on the highways, in broad daylight, nothing happens in the eyes of the President, it is an exaggeration of the conservatives. He himself ordered the release of an alleged criminal wanted by the United States justice system, arguing that imprisoning Ovidio Guzmán would have caused disturbances. This makes them grow and expand.

One of the groups that this regime pampered at the beginning of the six-year term was that of the dissident teachers. López Obrador backed down on the educational reform to return their benefits and today the CNTE is already threatening the government with demonstrations, strikes and blockades if they don’t get more, much more.

The open wallet method has been widely used to quell attempted uprisings by social groups. But many of these groups smell the blood of a political need to show order and ask for more.

In the case of Mexico City, there are not a few groups that have obtained what they are looking for from the capital’s budget. But as the key election dates draw closer, pressure is mounting on a government that has clearly failed to deliver the promised results.

There are many groups that obtain what they are looking for by putting a little pressure on the authorities of the capital’s government, which seeks to deactivate any political-social problem with perks. That has already been noticed by many groups and they want their slice.

But there are also those thorny issues such as concession public transport rates. It has edges everywhere, because raising the rate implies affecting voters. And at the same time, breaking promises to carriers hurts your business.

The price of the Mexico City Metro is frozen, although the service is getting worse every day due to lack of resources, because the metric of this government is not efficiency and results, but popularity with a view to a presidential candidacy.

And those like-minded groups that are calm today may not be in the near future. Those who do not obtain an electoral inheritance will have to mobilize and make this city and this country part of that chaos that the 4T is not supposed to bring.

There are many groups that obtain what they are looking for by putting a little pressure on the capital’s government authorities, who seek to deactivate any political-social problem with perks.

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Enrique Campos Suarez

Televisa News Anchor

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Degree in Communication Sciences from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, with a specialty in finance from the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico and a master’s degree in Journalism from the Anahuac University.

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