Social Democrats, Greens and Liberals today announce their Government pact in Germany

Social Democrats of the SPD, Greens and Liberal Party FDP. They are the three political parties that today plan to present an agreement to form a center-left government coalition in Germany, ushering in a new era after 16 years of mandate of the conservative Chancellor Angela Merkel. The doors of the chancellery are now wide open for the Social Democrat Olaf Scholz who should be inaugurated as chancellor at the beginning of December by the Bundestag.

Almost two months after the elections parliamentarians will mark one historical debacle for him conservative bunch the chancellor, the SPD Social Democrats prepare to take the reins of power in a unprecedented alliance with the Greens and the liberal FDP party.

The three parties will present their Government “contract” – detailing its program and negotiated for several weeks – to in Berlin, as announced in a statement, headed by Olaf Scholz.

Intense negotiations

The coalition agreement on a government program has been forged after intense negotiations. Its swift conclusion should reassure other European countries, concerned after parliamentary elections that Germany may be left without a real captain on board at a time when the covid pandemic is on the rise.

The EU is also facing a major new crisis on its doorstep with the influx of thousands of Syrians and Iraqis orchestrated by Belarus on the border with Poland.

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Olaf Scholz, well versed in the arcana of negotiation, has already taken his first steps in the international scene accompanying Angela Merkel to the G20 summit held last month in Rome and informally participating in major bilateral talks, in particular with the US President Joe Biden.

For the first time in 16 years, the SPD, which won with 25.7% of the vote in the September parliamentary elections, will once again lead the government of the first European economy.

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