Snow Route Parking Bans- Ruta de Nieve Calgary

The snow road parking ban program is to make it easier for the machinery in charge of removing snow to have free passage through the streets and main avenues of the city of Calgary. When vehicles are not in the path of machinery and road workers, snow can be cleared from Calgary’s streets more efficiently and effectively. During a ban, parking will be temporarily restricted on designated snow routes for up to 72 hours. Parking bans are very rare and only occur when there is a large accumulation of snow on city streets.

Snow routes are found on major avenues, major streets, and most streets where bus routes pass and can be identified throughout the city by blue signs with a white snowflake.

Parking bans not only help the City remove snow from major traffic routes more effectively, but also allow crews to begin clearing residential routes more quickly. This benefits all Calgarians and helps make travel safer for everyone.

The Road Conditions map shows the locations of crews of workers clearing snow. GPS map

How to know if you have to remove the car parked on one of the snow routes
The City will issue a notice when a parking ban will be implemented with advance notice for the next 1-2 days.
The parking ban will be announced through local radio and television stations, and will be posted on the YYC Transportation website and through other communication channels.
Vehicles that remain parked on these roads during the ban are subject to being towed away, including a parking fine and the cost of towed towing.

If you live on an avenue or street in Calgary where the blue “Snow Route” signs are present, you can request that they send you an email to notify you when you cannot park your car on the street. in the link: Sign Up Form

Map of Calgary where there are Parking Restrictions and Parking

The City will use a variety of channels to inform Calgarians when snow lane parking restrictions are in effect. This can verify it in:

Subscribing to email alerts.
Following @yyctransport on Twitter
Calling 311 and listening to the automated message.
Watching the local news or listening to the radio.

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