Snow returns to the Catalan Pyrenees one month after Easter

The snow returned this weekend Catalan Pyrenees one month before the last big event of the season, the Holy Week, so the prospects improve after many days of anticyclone.

Some facilities have accumulated a few 25 centimeters of snow and more precipitation is expected in the coming daysso domains that accumulated all the snow in sight on the slopes now offer a white landscape.

In any case, the campaign was progressing with good results thanks to the favorable weather on the first two key dates, bridge of the Constitution and Christmasand the interest shown by customers after last season’s restrictions due to the health crisis.

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Now, these new precipitations even improve the prospects of closure in the Pyrenees of Catalonia, with Baqueira Beret as one of the most benefited stations and that currently accumulates up to 235 centimeters of snow, with all its sectors open.

Masella boasts of 25 centimeters of new snow registered over the weekend and expects more rainfall throughout the week that could leave significant thicknesses, especially at its high levels.

La Molina moves in similar figures, Vallter 2000 even had to close the access road on Saturday due to the storm and Vall de Núria Expect more snow this week as well.

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spot it accumulated 15 centimeters on Saturday and between five and ten in the last twenty-four hours.

Finally, Port del Comte it has more than twenty-five centimeters of snow that has just fallen and, like the rest, it receives the storm with the joy of knowing that, after the anticyclone, the conditions are again favorable to arrive in the best way for Holy Week.

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