SMEs have a new ally to accept payments: CONTPAQi® Pay G Mini

  • The smart device allows SMEs to accept credit card, debit card and wallet payments.
  • It also allows businesses to offer the option of interest-free months.
  • Rates are 2.8% for Santander clients, and 2.9% in regular charges for clients of other banks.

With the aim of boosting the sales of small and medium-sized companies, CONTPAQi® in collaboration with Getnet, a Banco Santander company, presented CONTPAQi® Pay G Mini, an intelligent device to accept payments by credit card, debit card and wallets, more quickly and expeditiously, and with the lowest rate in the market.

The product was presented during a virtual press conference in which René Torres Fragoso, president and CEO of CONTPAQi®; Alejandro Santiago Hernández, Director of New Business Development at CONTPAQi®; Fabián Ferrari, CEO of Getnet and Luis Ricardo Álvarez Rueda, executive director of the SME segment for Banco Santander.

According to René Torres Fragoso, President and CEO of CONTPAQi®, “today we present a solution for SMEs to have a faster solution (at the time of payment) (…) CONTPAQi® Pay G Mini represents a joint effort With Getnet, Banca Santander and we (…) we have created this product based on an intelligent device, any SME can charge via credit cards, debit cards and wallets (…) also with the lowest rate in the market, 2.8 % plus VAT, and have the backing of business partners and distributors to support this type of business ”, he stated.

Taking the pandemic as a context, Torres Fragoso mentioned that many companies could have avoided closing their businesses, “if they had been better prepared in e-commerce platforms.” He added that 52% of SMEs already have and have point of sale terminals, while 48% still do not, which “represents a great market opportunity to help these SMEs”, “this alliance will allow all SMEs a high quality product, easy and with the best market rates ”.

For his part, Alejandro Santiago Hernández, director of New Business Development at CONTPAQi®, mentioned that “the CONTPAQi® G mini will allow us to receive payments by credit card and debit cards, we need to pay contactless, it is no longer a necessity, it is a trend, take out your credit cards, you can pay without inserting or swiping ”.

Other benefits offered by this product are the possibility of generating paid links -via email or messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Telegram-; that accepts all credit cards, national and international; the option of months without interest with any bank at one of the most competitive rates in the market; and it also allows airtime to be sold, explained Santiago Hernández.

As for its operation, you only need to download the application from a device -smartphone or tablet- with internet to start charging. It also allows business owners to review collection reports, which collaborator charged and how much they charged, and retrieve digital vouchers.

For his part, Fabián Ferrari, General Director of Getnet, explained that when an SME begins to accept card payments, its sales rise between 30% and 35%, so “helping businesses to sell more seems very relevant to us “,” We are helping companies a lot, so that many businesses can continue with their economic activity and not be deactivated. We are interested in seeing more businesses with Santander, our great business partner, sell more ”, he added.

In this sense, Ricardo Álvarez Rueda, executive director of the SME segment for Banco Santander, mentioned that “I believe that René -president and general director of CONTPAQi®- knew that he was the perfect partner to promote the growth of more than 100,000 SMEs in the next four years ”.

He added that SMEs “need banking solutions and digital tools, so it is a very powerful tool to enter with this model of point of sale terminal, in order to support SMEs, both in the part of administrative solutions and banking solutions. CONTPAQi®, as a Santander ally, we will be eager to work with solutions that help SMEs to boost their growth. Let them see it, let them try it, behind it is the support of Santander ”, he concluded.

The best rate on the market

During the question and answer session, it was explained that if a client has an account in Santander or opens an account in that banking institution, they will obtain the best rate in the market, 2.8% + VAT, while, in the event that they have one Account in another bank will be granted the product with a rate of 2.9% + VAT, which is also very competitive.

In relation to the differentiators offered CONTPAQi® Pay G Mini Faced with the competition, three aspects stood out: the rate, the product, and the channel of how it is acquired.

The above, since the rate is one of the most competitive in the market, and even for clients with an account in Santander it is even lower, without forgetting the option offered by offering the months without interest.

Regarding the product, it was mentioned that CONTPAQi® Pay G Mini is planned to be integrated with other solutions, not only with point of sale, but with other systems that will revolutionize the way in which the payment is made and the flow is generated. of money.

Regarding the channel of how it is acquired, it was explained that the device is not carried by an ordinary person, but by a technology-based business professional, who not only provides the best practices but also tells you how you can do it.

It is also important to mention that the implementation of this device has a cost of $ 530 pesos plus VAT, although there will be promotions during some important commercial moments -such as the Good End and the Christmas season-, and although there will be no terminal packages, shops that require it, they may request more than one terminal.

Regarding the scope contemplated, René Torres Fragoso mentioned that CONTPAQi® Pay G Mini It is aimed at any type of micro, small and medium-sized company. And he took the opportunity to mention that “this is a banking solution, as we are Santander’s business partners, we are supported. In our network of distributors you can find all the support. The universe is enormous, the opportunity is enormous, we are doing our best so that every SME can charge with a credit card ”, he said.

For his part, Luis Ricardo Álvarez Rueda added that “the backbone for SMEs has been the point of sale terminal, in Brazil it is at levels of 80%, we should go to these levels in which all SMEs must have a point of sale terminal. sale, with the bankarization we should be around those numbers ”.

In his final message, René Torres Fragoso commented that “this is the digital transformation of SMEs, today all business processes will be digitized, this modernizes the issue of charging for all SMEs”.

Alejandro Santiago Hernández mentioned “I think it is important to highlight (that) this is the first step for companies to be more productive, more profitable.”

Fabián Ferrari reiterated that “this alliance – of CONTPAQi® and Getnet – is the way we can (…) bring the best of both worlds”, so that SMEs have the solution to increase their sales.

And for Luis Ricardo Álvarez Rueda, there is a “clear message of innovation and digital transformation supported by this alliance of CONTPAQi® and Santander”, which is why CONTPAQi® represents a super solution that will help all SMEs.

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