Smart shopping during El Buen Fin

One of the main objectives of The good end It is promoting trade while reactivate the economy, however, in order to enjoy this season without regrets, it is important to take into consideration several points.

According to Juan Luis Ordaz, Director of Citibanamex Financial Education, in order to enjoy El Buen Fin as it should and make purchases that improve your well-being, we can act in three stages: before, during and after. you are looking forward to buying that cell phone that you want so much; the screen to be able to watch the football game or perhaps change the whole wardrobe, but let’s calm our emotions and first let’s reflect: what are you thinking of buying… do you really need it? Will it be necessary to go into debt or spend part of our savings to make that purchase? “

The specialist pointed out that the main recommendation is to buy Durable goods, that is, that its useful life is longer than the term of the debt, in case we buy on credit or that it really represents a need.


The first thing is to determine the amount to spend for which it is necessary to make your budget, identifying the total of your income and expenses (fixed and variable), an optimal debt capacity is calculated by obtaining 30% of the amount that will allow you to cover your variable expenses.


Once we plan we can make our purchases. The ideal is to go out and look for only the item (s) or products that we need to buy and thus avoid some other compulsive or non-thoughtful purchases. Remember that we have a debt capacity that is not recommended to exceed.


To pay our debts. The excitement of our purchases will end in the next few days and the debts will be present for a few months or even years, depending on the term in which you decided to pay it. The months without interests They will be effective as long as you pay the amount of the determined monthly amount.

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