A little over a year ago, many industries and sectors had to pause to comply with the measures implemented globally and mitigate the speed of contagion of COVID-19. This immediately affected the economy and development of many companies that had to test their resilience.

One of the most affected sectors in the world was tourism: only in our country and according to figures from the National Tourism Business Council (CNET), this had a drop of 46% compared to the visits of the previous year, leaving receiving just over 20 million foreign tourists.

As the vaccination process progresses, a positive feeling around travel begins to resurface, which ultimately represents a respite for the industry, which today must be renewed to take advantage of what we have learned during this time, but also to add to the confidence that little by little we are recovering.

This renewal cannot ignore the importance of including technological innovation in their business plans, an issue where they had definitely lagged behind. At least this is what is shown by a study on hospitality by JP Morgan and FreedomPay, which indicates that at least 25% of the Operating Directors of the sector showed great concern about the backwardness in innovation and connectivity issues. It is striking that two thirds of those surveyed are not very clear about the correct path to follow since they do not know what they should prioritize when investing.

The current context that we continue to go through forces us to understand the relevance that technological innovation plays today and that is how 8 out of 10 companies consider this investment important, according to the Panorama study of innovation in Mexico and Central America. from KPMG.

We live in times of change and reinvention, where we need more and more innovation and having a technological partner that helps shorten paths and push resources efficiently is essential

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From Totalplay Empresarial we detect three technological solutions that will help intelligent reactivation and always thinking about making hotel processes more efficient and improving the customer experience:

1.-Interactive TV: The client will be able to organize their itinerary through different apps available on the TV, which will totally enrich the experience during their stay, since through the TV they can also know their consumption, make reservations and even express check-out.

2.-Video surveillance: It is important to have a good video surveillance service in any hotel, since with this we can increase the level of confidence and security of the client by safeguarding their most important assets. With this solution, hotel staff can view the facilities remotely from anywhere, even through a mobile device.

3.-Unified Communications: This tool will allow the entire flow of operations and work to continue as it should, increasing the productivity of employees in hotels, providing them with permanent connectivity regardless of where they are in the hotel.

We know that the reactivation of the sector will be gradual; however, it is very important that companies reconsider prioritizing their technology investment, since according to a KPMG study, 35% of companies invest less than 2% of their income in innovation initiatives.

For this to change, it is vital that we join efforts in order to go a step further and take advantage of this moment of crisis to propose strategies and evolution trends that allow us to potentiate the sector, which is why at Totalplay Empresarial we work every day to offer best solutions that help a prompt and intelligent reactivation for the industry for the benefit of companies and consumers.

Fernando Zamora, Product and Marketing Director of Totalplay Empresarial.


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For companies, Totalplay Empresarial provides the best and most efficient telecommunications solutions and the highest availability internet in the market.

Totalplay Empresarial has the most innovative products on the market, internet solutions, virtual private networks, cybersecurity, collaboration, Cloud and IT, Infrastructure, digital transformation.

Our technology allows the creation of private networks in a matter of minutes, giving our clients the versatility and security that their operation requires. This technology also allows us to offer redundant internet services with various routes and means of access (fiber, radio, LTE) in our clients’ branches and offices.

Reaching coverage in more than 93 cities nationwide. We have contributed to the construction of the networks of the most important companies and governments in the country.

• We guarantee the continuity of our clients’ operations with the most reliable network in Mexico, through state-of-the-art redundancy.

• The highest levels of information security, with monitoring 365 days a year to prevent information theft

Totalplay Empresarial provides the best and most efficient telecommunications, managed services and information technology solutions on the market, among which are: cybersecurity, virtual private networks, collaboration, cloud, infrastructure, digital transformation and the highest availability internet. Totalplay Empresarial has contributed to the construction of the networks of the main government institutions and business sectors, providing coverage in more than 101 cities nationwide. Unique in delivering business internet services with cutting-edge SD-WAN technology, which allow branches to be connected quickly, securely and at a low cost. Connecting more than 30,000 branches and corporate buildings of financial groups, hotel groups, businesses, educational centers, industries and governments. For more information, you can consult the website: https://totalplayempresarial.com.mx/

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