Small Variations, by Albert Espinosa

Article 748. The other day, talking to my 90-year-old neighbor, he told me something very interesting. Both of them we have the feeling that this pandemic is ending, The last blows are smelling and soon we will finally return to that normality of mid-2019.

My clever neighbor told me that it was curious that this virus had mutated so much and he said something very interesting: “People in this world hardly change even if they live 100 years and this virus keeps finding a way to mutate nonstop.”

And then added something about people changes that excited me… I almost told you about it after the best of the week.

Third place. ‘The Last Duel’, written by Nicole Holofcener, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck (Disney +). Very interesting film that takes you back to that time when the search for justice required leaving your own life in the hands of the one who had inflicted the offense on you. One of those films that as the years go by will find its place.

Second place. ‘Ow mom’. This beautiful song by Rigoberta Bandini achieves something unique in your esophagus, you find yourself humming it at the top of your lungs anywhere. It will become a perfect cry for very special occasions.

First position. ‘The three doors’ (La 1). Maria Casado and her team they managed to create one of those wonderful programs where the word becomes the perfect weapon to touch the soul. Beautifully created and every detail is thought out with incredible tenderness.

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And going back to my neighbor, he told me that over the years he has discovered that people do not change, they only accomplish this by changing some of the six closest people they have. He told me that during his life has tried to change every 10 years one of those six people that he had in his closest circle, because in this way he always managed to have slight variations in his personality.

There is no doubt that perhaps we are not so different from the virus, we both modify that environment that we have to survive, small variants of ourselves. Happy Sunday!

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