The National Alliance of Small Businesses (Anpec) spoke out because the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador includes more actors from the productive sector and society in the anti-inflationary agreement, or else it will result in an inoperative program.

Cuauhtémoc Rivera, president of the private organization, said that the program to control price increases in the food basket, which will be announced on May 4, requires more effort and a broad participation of companies.

“Involve more actors in the dialogue and that this conversation be public, that everyone has an opinion: producers, ranchers, peasants, fishermen, consumers, academics, businessmen, merchants, communicators, that everyone has an opinion, since the harmful effect of Inflation concerns us all, all proposals must be heard and collected without disdain”, he explained.

Through a statement, the president of the small businesses urged the Government to listen, drag the pencil and problematize this “serious” issue of inflation that society faces.

“Enough of politically profitable solutions that are economically ineffective and even counterproductive,” he warned.

Rivera explained that tempering the inflation It is a matter of national security that cannot be postponed, which is why the authorities will seek to apply a guarantee price control to 24 products of the basic basket.

Annualized headline inflation in March was 7.72% and non-core inflation (food and services) was around 16%; however, trying to contain inflation from its effects and not from its causes is a real nonsense.

This Wednesday the anti-inflationary program will be announced, whose guiding principle is to establish a price control for 24 essential products of the basic basket, where it is about setting guaranteed prices for these products (corn, beans, rice, milk , oil, egg, tortilla, tuna, sardine, box bread, brown sugar, beef steak, tomato, lemon onion, jalapeño peppers, apple, orange, carrot, whole chicken, pork chop, toilet soap, toilet paper) explained the president of the Anpec.

“A lot of ink has already been spilled on this issue, with the public balance tilting toward disapproval of the measure, since price controls were established in the recent past and turned out to be ineffective and counterproductive,” Rivera recalled.



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