Small businesses think big this weekend

Windsor, Ontario. –

Local retailers are holding Black Friday deals and more.

“So we have some offers that are only available to customers who come to the store and also some that are in store and online,” said Katie Stokes, owner of Whiskeyjack Boutique. “Small Business Saturday, Sunday 28th and Cyber ​​Monday. They are going to be different every day. “

There was also the downtown night market on Friday.

“I think it’s good to go out there and support local businesses,” said one buyer.

Ryan Mallough is the Senior Director of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.

He says this year’s holiday shopping season will be crucial for small businesses.

“This will be your first pandemic Christmas. A lot of them lost it to the government shutdowns and lockdowns last time around, so hopefully today is the start of something big for that sector, ”Mallough told CTV News.

“Currently, only 34 percent of Ontario’s small businesses are at or above normal income levels.

With the ongoing global supply shortage, Stokes sees a benefit in local shopping this holiday season.

“Since we only sell products made in Canada, the vast majority of our suppliers have had no shortage,” he said. “We hope that the sales we make this weekend will help us get through the rest of the Christmas season to be able to store more products and bring new things for our customers.”

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