Sloan wants accountable government

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Ontario Party leader Derek Sloan spent the weekend in Essex County in advance of the election being called this week.

I have attended a few events including a meet and greet at Harvest Bible Church Saturday and a rally at the WFCU Center Sunday morning.

“Our party is based on freedoms,” Sloan said prior to addressing the rally.

“We’re against the vaccine mandates. We’re against the lockdowns. A lot of the things that have happened during Covid. We think people should be free to open their business. Free to run their business. Free to choose what medical procedures they have and that’s the basis of our platform.”

The leader has been attending events across the province lately and was joined by regional candidates Frank Causurano (Essex), Jeremy Palko (Windsor-West) and MPP Rick Nicholls, candidate in Chatham-Kent-Leamington.

“We want to make sure that we have a government that is accountable to the people that is not based on politically correct virtuous signaling but is in favor of free speech, dialogue and getting Ontario back to business and to work again.”

Prominent Windsor lawyer Pat Ducharme, a guest speaker at Sunday’s rally, declared his support for Sloan’s party and the regional candidates.

Election Day is June 2nd, “For us as an Ontario party we want change. We want a constitutional leadership that is compassionate, principled and is going to make a difference in a good way and get us back to understanding that everybody is essential.” said Palko.

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