Sketch program to implement national anti-corruption policy

The Program for the Implementation of the National Anti-Corruption Policy (PI-PNA) has been unanimously approved, with the aim of establishing clear and measurable actions in the fight against corruption, which will be implemented by public institutions in Mexico.

The Coordinating Committee of the National Anti-Corruption System reported that the program consists of 64 strategies and 140 lines of action. In addition to indicators of results related to each of the elements that will be articulated with the mechanisms and instruments of follow-up and evaluation in the case.

The National Anti-Corruption Policy is divided into four axes, in the first mentioned the fight against corruption there are 15 strategies, one of the most important is to promote, between the federal and local anti-corruption authorities, systematic coordination and dissemination actions that allow the authorities competent to prevent, investigate, substantiate and sanction administrative breaches.

The second axis is known as the fight against arbitrariness and abuse of power, it has 20 strategies and 44 lines of action, its goal is to strengthen the civil service through professional career services and integrity mechanisms at national level.

Promoting the improvement of public management and government-society contact points is the third axis, it has 16 strategies and 36 lines of action. Among the objectives is to promote the implementation of schemes that eradicate risk areas that promote corruption in the interactions that citizens and companies establish with the government when conducting procedures.

The last axis of the PNA is to involve society and the private sector, it is the one with the least strategies with 13 and 25 actions. One of its aims is to promote the acceptance and application of integrity and anti-corruption principles, policies and programs in the private sector.

“This first edition of the Program will be valid for three years and will be informed by reports on progress and areas for improvement for its strengthening and continuity in the medium and long term,” it said.

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