Six out of ten civil servants choose the Muface model with which they want to end Podemos

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Six out of ten. That is the number of public officials who choose the Muface model. A system that Unidos Podemos wants to put an end to, as stated in the Proposition No of Law (PNL) that the purple party presented in the Congress of Deputies a few days ago.

Spain has 2.7 million public employees, of which 1.8 million choose the Muface model. That is to say, 66% of the total opt for this health care system. It should be remembered that officials have the option to choose between being served by the National Health System or by one of the private insurers offered by their mutual insurance company (Muface, Mugeju and ISFAS).

Specifically, the entities that provide their services through mutuals are DKV, Asisa, Adeslas e Igualatorio of Cantabria. The policies that are carried out through mutuals account for 16% of the number of total health care insured, according to data compiled in a report prepared by the Institute for the Development and Integration of Health (IDIS).

If the Muface model disappears, insurance companies would face a decrease of 1,500 million euros in their turnover. This is just one of the negative effects that eliminating this system would have, to which it also adds the loss of 39,000 private sector jobs.

In addition, according to the IDIS report, this type of mutual allows significant savings for the Administration. Specifically, each mutual ‘costs’ the State 451 euros less than if it were treated in public health. This represents a cost cut of 33% per patient and a total annual savings estimated at around 800 million euros.

Exchange option

Muface’s concert also includes two periods that give officials the option to change their health care or insurance system. The latest data published by this mutual, corresponding to the period of January 2021, confirm a decrease in applications. There were a total of 15,299 modifications compared to 27,638 in 2020, that is, 44.6% less, “which shows the stability of the system,” explains Muface.

The next modification period occurs in the month of June. Although there are still no official data, the forecast is that there have not been many changes, as EL ESPAÑOL / Invertia has learned.

Next concert

Precisely about the Next concert The Ministry of Finance and Public Function and the health providers are negotiating.

As this newspaper has published, the proposal of the department of María Jesús Montero is to increase by 6.8% the premiums that companies that adhere to the new agreement, which would have a duration of two years, would charge.

Miquel Iceta and María Jesús Montero.

Miquel Iceta and María Jesús Montero.

This proposal is far away of which, before the crisis of Government, left on the table of the Treasury the former Minister of Public Function, Miquel Iceta. The now Minister of Culture offered an increase of 11% and an agreement valid for three years. An offer that was closer to the interests of insurers.

With the double digits offered, the former heads of Public Function wanted to compensate the companies participating in Muface for the ‘extra’ costs that the Covid had been assuming.

It should be remembered that the last increase in Muface’s premiums had been only 4.5%. With everything, Hacienda is open to negotiate, according to sources close to the negotiation.

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