Six cases of the Omicron variant detected in Nuevo León

Monterrey, NL. The Secretary of Health of New Lion, Alma Rosa Marroquín Escamilla, reported that six cases have already been identified with Omicron variant in the entity, which puts on alert, due to the great mobility that occurs on these dates. For this reason, the capacity was reduced from 90% to 80% in open spaces and 70% in various commercial and service lines.

“We already have the identification of Omicron variant cases, which puts us in a very important state of alert. It is a variant that is very easily distributed, and it is estimated that during the next few weeks it will be the predominant variant in our state, it is four times more contagious than the original variant ”, he pointed out.

Among the turns that will have a capacity of 80%, are the food markets, mobile markets, stadiums, rental of Quintas, private and public parks, sports clubs, sale of construction items, among others.

On the other hand, shops and services in closed spaces where the capacity will be reduced from 90% to 70%: casinos, hotels, bars, clubs, party halls, supermarkets, restaurants and gyms, among others.

In the case of mass events, they will be evaluated by the state Health Committee.

The State Secretary of Health urged people over 60 to come to apply the reinforcement of the Covid-19 vaccine. To date, 80% of the population of Nuevo León has been immunized with two doses.

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