Six accused of the Cursach case, acquitted as there is no longer any accusation against them

Six defendants in trial of Cursach case have remained definitively exonerated as there is no longer any accusation Against them. They are the director and the head of the VIP area of ​​Titos’, Jaime Llado and Arturo Segade; the ex-policeman and confidant of the businessman, Antony Bergasthe former Director General of Tourism, Pilar Carbonell and the official of that Ministry Bernardi Segui; in addition to the Palma City Council official Julian Garau. The prosecution had already dropped all the charges against them, understanding that his accusations did not hold up, and today, in the first session of the trial, the rest have fallen. The Lawyers of the Autonomous Community and the private accusations that still maintained their accusations have decided to withdraw them.

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The court, after deliberating on this matter, has announced that all of them could leave and, consequently, they will be acquitted. Carbonell and Lladó have been satisfied with the outcome of the case for them.

The magistrates have also agreed deny the allegation of the particular accusations to annul the modification of the interim pleading of the prosecution, which in addition to exonerating these six defendants and an official from the Calvià City Council -who is still on the bench- applies significant reductions in their sentence requests. The court has concluded that “the public ministry “has only one obligation, which is not to incorporate new facts” and has considered that it has complied with it. In fact, the modification of the prosecutors is limited to crossing out a good part of the writing. “No causes defenselessness and is an act of procedural courtesy. The court cannot meddle in the accusatory principle”, said the magistrate presiding over the trial, Samanta Romero.

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