SIU: Windsor police not criminally at fault in September collision

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A Windsor police officer whose patrol car rear-ended a vehicle in September, seriously injuring a passenger, did not commit a criminal offence.

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That’s according to the director of the Ontario Special Investigations Unit, who on Tuesday released the findings of an investigation into the passenger’s broken nose and wrist.

On September 13 at 10 am, an officer was responding to a priority call, an injury accident, with lights and sirens activated, according to the SIU report. The driver of a red sedan in front of the squad car heard the siren, saw the lights and panicked, screeching to a stop in the far left lane. As a result, the patrol struck his vehicle on Huron Church Road.

Data collected from the officer’s GPS system showed the vehicle exited the EC Row Expressway and traveled north more than a half mile on Huron Church Road before colliding with the red car. The speed of the police patrol was 77 km/h, but it was reduced to about 59 km/h at the moment before the collision.

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