SINTTIA Independent Trade Union is launching GM plant in Silao

A independent union supported by activists obtuvo una amplia victoria to represent the workers of the van plant de General Motors in the city of Silao.

The union, SINTTIAwon three rivals by a wide margin, including the Mexican labor organization that has maintained the contract for 25 years.

El Vote de varios miles de trabajadores was obligatory in virtue of a labor reform mexican who maintains a commercial agreement with United States y Canada (T-MEC), and was observed searching for the governor of the stadium.

The Federal Center for Conciliation and the Labor Register said that SINTTIA won 4,192 votes out of a total of 5,389 valid ballots, in elections with a turnout of 90 cases.

Many aspiring workers expulsar to the Confederation of Mexican Workers (CTM) after voting the year passed to dissolve his contract with the group in a vote supervised by stadium officials in the market of T-MEC.

The CTM has maintained the contract of Silao since the plant was planted in 1995 and is aligned with the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) that the Mexican government has been in office since 2000. Obtained 247 votes in the Trade union elections of this week.

Another group that, according to the critics, has corners with the CTM, known as the Coalition, each has 932 votes.

SINTTIA, a new union supported by Canadian and Canadian trade unions, has been campaigning for months to meet with its 6,300 employees, and has promised to reach out to mayors in a country similar to theirs.

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