It’s good news for sports bettors in Canada. According to reports, the Senate of Canada has given single-game wagering the green light. The bill was passed following a 57-20 vote in favor of the new legislative law. The move comes at a time when Canadian bettors were only allowed to place multi-parlay bets when wagering on sports. If you’re familiar with how sports betting works, you’ll understand how single-game bets are among the easier wagers to place. 

With more and more sports fanatics in Canada opting for online betting, the bill couldn’t have come at a better time. Gaming Analyst, Brian Egger, pegs the total sports betting market in Canada at $11 billion. The National Data survey echoes these sentiments after revealing how 60% of the nation’s population gambles. As it stands, the numbers are set to increase. Notable authorities across the globe are appealing for tighter lockdown measures this festive season in light of the ongoing Covid pandemic. 

Betting Markets to Explore With the Bill

The good news is interested bettors can now take advantage of these bets by placing single-game wagers on big leagues like the NFL, MLB, and NBA. This is excellent news for NBA lovers since basketball is among the most popular sports to wager in Canada. But before you place your stake, you may have to do a few things to improve your chances of winning. For one, knowing how to source the best promo codes and start your gambling adventure with a massive bankroll boost is vital. Canadian bettors will do well to get more information on Basketballinsiders regarding the identification and redemption of cool promotions using codes. Another area that requires critical knowledge is the choice of online sportsbook bettors register and place their wagers with. Knowledgeable professionals and experts in all things sports betting are at the helm of this news forum. They are committed to providing NBA fans with the latest news, sports betting requirements, and other gambling-related topics. 

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Effects of the Bill

According to a statement from a spokesman from the Canadian Gaming Association (CGA), each state in Canada can now carve its laws surrounding the new bill. Respective jurisdictions now have the legal mandate to not only approve but license and regulate individual sportsbooks. But most gambling officials have their eyes set on a 2021 launch for single-game wagers. Pauls Burns, the President and CEO of the CGA is in favour of the new bill. He describes the recently passed bill as a “major milestone and achievement for the Canadian gaming industry”. Mr Burns highlights how his organization has been working to legalize single sports wagering in Canada for the past decade. Apart from providing player protection and increasing bettors’ chances of winning, the same bill is set to benefit the Canadian economic landscape.

It would appear that the perceived effects of the bill on the Canadian economy and protecting bettors’ rights aren’t merely wishful thinking. According to reports compiled by the federal government, Canadian spend more than $10 billion on single-game wagers annually. However, these wagers are conducted illegally on black market platforms as part of organized crime. In addition, over $4 billion is spent on legal offshore betting sites. Based on these reports, this is all money that can be channeled into the Canadian economy. Passing this law ensures that the money can be monitored and taxed in Canada.

What Gambling Stakeholders Have to Say

The new law is known as Bill C-218. It was a private member’s bill brought forth by Kevin Waugh, the Conservative MP for Saskatoon- Grasswood. Even though the bill came from the opposition, the bill won support from the parliament by all four main parties involved. That was proof the bill was beneficial not only to Canadian bettors but the nation as a whole. Sports betting enthusiasts across the nation can now wager on single games online in a legal and regulated manner.

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The bill was well received by other relevant authorities in the industry. Duncan Hurray, CEO of Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation(OLG) was among the people to welcome the new bill. In an interview, Mr Hurray mentioned how his organisation had been looking forward to availing single-game wagering to punters in Ontario for years. A spokesperson from the Canadian Gaming Association, Amanda Brewer, also noted how she had been waiting for this day for years.

Final Words

Canada is fast evolving in the gambling sector. The passing of Bill C-218 shows how the nation has come a long way. Sports betting was made legal in Nevada in 1949. The country seemed way ahead of its peers since sports betting was only legalized in the UK in 1960. And only in 2018 in the US. Sports betting is legal in many countries across Europe. Some of the regions specialise in land-based casino gambling and sportsbooks to attract tourists. But for the most part, the Canadian gambling landscape is set to continue to progress. Relevant stakeholders are excited about what the future of Canadian sports betting has to offer. 

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