• 49 years ago from the Roquetas barrier, there was a lack of opportunities for companies and veterans’ paradises

Silvia complete with all the requisites to make that water stay paro, pero no parada & rdquor ;. This week of 49 years old del barrio de Rockets Barcelona moves sky and winds through the canyons to meet a new one employee, despite the fact that the last temporary contract that held the Venice last December. Due to the late participation of the bar association, he has been through the red tape that he has been trying to get many to do without the Administration, but also if necessary. They are ‘escaped’ by one minute of a meeting to attend the PERIODIC’s call. “Politicians who think that the economy of well live in my barrio & rdquor ;, account. “What we see every day, with the necessity that many families go through, is not to say that things are good. But here in Roquetes ‘fem pinya’ & rdquor ;, añade.

Sílvia empezó a trabajar antes de acabar de studie. In the final report of the day, a medium-sized infant educator will take the opportunity to make a kangaroo, singing ‘pelas’ while standing on the floor in his house, as in other aunts, “emramos gente humilde, trabajadora& rdquor ;. Mientras estudiaba conoció al que luego seria su marido, no tardaron en tener hijos y Silvia pasó a Compaginar los stududios y los kanguros con los hijos y los kangaroos. “I would like to set up a guard. Visto now in perspective tendria that haberlo intent, pero entons entecitabamos dinero and no podium dejar de trabajar & rdquor ;, account.

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Silvia, with her children and criminals and the mayor of all places with the university, she loaded up with the labor market. For those who are active in the field Barcelona Activa. To form and give the offer enter into an occupation plan. If the monsoon work and July take place in December, there will be a prospectus carried out in the bar of Les Corts about the needs and habits of the third eda of the zone. Pero the occupation plan acabó with the year and now Silvia has to turn to look for a new employee.

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“When it was time to go it was very difficult to enter. Search offers that can ‘do not require experience’, but do not call me. I hope young people hope. A mi edad cuesta más y ahora mismo no me ha pillado en el mejor momento & rdquor ;, cuenta. “I did not touch the best moment with this covid. Mucha gente sigue parada. At the moment priorizó search for me, but do not download anything. If there is such a thing as this and no one else can help me, he will tell me that he has failed & rdquor ;, an orgasmic year.


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