Siefores have invested 95,781 million pesos in financing highways, two of them in Monterrey: Consar

Monterey, NL. The Siefores have invested 95,781 million pesos in highway financing, of these resources, 88.94% is financed through national private debt and the rest through structured instruments (CDKS, FIBRAS and CERPIs), among them, the Monterrey-Saltillo highways and Monterrey-Cadereyta, commented Julio Cervantes Parra, Financial Vice President, of the eat.

With these resources, the construction and maintenance of more than 10,583 kilometers of highway infrastructure in Mexico. The average cost of construction and modernization of highways and rural roads per kilometer is 9.05 million pesos, said the official, during a virtual conference with members of the College of Economists of Nuevo León.

Iván Pliego Moreno, president of the Consar, pointed out “there are many resources, local projects are lacking, they are important detonators of growth.”

The afores finance through private and structured debt instruments the infrastructure sector with 444,002 million pesos, this represents 26.6% of the total available.

“At the local level it is evident, we seek to make it a profitable investment. There is an issue with the Administrators (of Afores), they go looking for AAA investments, sometimes there are not enough, it seems that BBB investments are not so attractive to them, the investment regime has to be made more flexible, in the long term it will be more profitable and will detonate the generation of employment”, assured the president of the Consar.

Precisely one of the challenges facing the eat is to strengthen the supply of securities and private financial instruments so that the Afores continue to take better advantage of the investment regime and obtain high returns, while promoting national productive activity.

“There is a decision by one of the banking groups to enter into a process of selling Banamex (including your Afore), it will take a while, it will start next month. There are four big Citi Banamex, Banorte, Sura and Profuturo have 75% of asset management”.

“We will be accompanying this process with the Afore Citibanamex, that helps to continue strengthening the system, whether it is someone within the sector or someone from outside, it is a process that has not formally started, it will start in March, we want to give it support, that it does not affect the Afores sector”, highlighted Iván Fold.


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