The Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation (SICT) assured that the process is still under way for the Mexican aeronautical authority to return to category 1 and that in the next 30 days they will have the results of the recent review (Technical Review) made by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA for its acronym in English) of the United States, one more of those agreed.

Since May 2021, the Mexican authority was downgraded to category 2 for not complying with the technical requirements of the FAA, which has prevented national airlines from increasing their operations with the United States and they are obliged to maintain the ones they had until that date.

“A date has not yet been determined for the next evaluation with the FAAbut from the beginning a maximum of ten reviews were established, of which seven have been carried out so far,” the agency detailed.

According to the agency, during the last meeting, held from June 13 to 17, aspects related to aeronautical legislation, financial resources and budget, hiring of adequate personnel, sufficient and with the relevant tabulators, certification and surveillance and the operation of the various technical and aerial inspection systems.

Said meeting, it was specified, was convened by the Federal Civil Aviation Agency (AFAC), with the participation of FAA inspectors and representatives of commercial airlines.

“For the SICT, the final objective is not only to recover category 1 in aviation, but to continue the process of administrative, financial and training improvement, which guarantees the safety of the millions of Mexicans who use air navigation services both in national and foreign airports,” it was reported.

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