Shusha, a small town of just five square kilometers at an altitude of 1600 meters. It is considered the crown jewel of Nagorno-Karabakh. It is a sacred land for two peoples. Known as Shusha to the people. Azeris and Shushi for the Armenians. It was above all a key battleground in the long-standing Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. The region was under Armenian control until the brief and bloody war of last year. In a televised address, the Azerbaijani President announced on November 8, 2020 that he had taken over the city.

Many sites to rehabilitate

The cathedral still bears the scars of war. It was bombed and then restored several times since its construction. The assessment of the damage caused by the last war is in progress. Post-conflict reconstruction is spreading to other parts of the city and giving it a new lease of life.

We started working on this site in May and plan to finish in September. We had many difficulties. When we first got here. There was no infrastructure, no water or electricity. However, these issues have been resolved as the infrastructure improves and we move forward. ”, explains Elchin Bashiri, who is piloting the construction of a hotel.

During the fighting, the Armenian population fled, leaving behind their homes in what they call a national tragedy. Today, some families are returning to these properties that they were forced to abandon decades ago.

“The city still bears the scars of the recent war. Hopefully Azerbaijanis and Armenians learn to coexist peacefully in this amazing region.. “, concludes our reporter

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