Should we, like Lithuania, be wary of Chinese telephones?

Chinese Cell Phones Should You Avoid? In any case, this is what Lithuania thinks: the Ministry of National Defense advises against their use. An investigation by the cybersecurity authority revealed an excessive transfer of data to servers abroad and the possibility of filtering the content of browsers remotely According to the Ministry of National Defense, the Huawei P40 device, for example, leads users to an application store offering potentially dangerous programs.

The most significant risk has been reported with Xiaomi’s Mi 10T 5G phone. Its browser has the ability to detect and censor some 450 terms relating to Tibet, Taiwan or democracy.

The phone also sends encrypted usage data to a server located in Singapore.

Lithuania was recently embroiled in a deepening feud with China over the opening of a Taiwanese diplomatic mission, the first to the EU under its own name.

Beijing took the unusual step of recalling its ambassador and forced the Lithuanian ambassador to leave. Lithuanian companies began to encounter serious difficulties in the Chinese market, but Vilnius received support from the United States.

Previously, Lithuania had backed pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong, and its intelligence services issued public warnings about the increase in malicious activity by Chinese actors. Yet in Lithuania, under government procurement laws that prioritize the lowest price, sensitive Chinese equipment has been purchased by government agencies. Since 2020, some 200 state institutions have purchased nearly 5,000 Chinese phones deemed insecure.

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