Shopping centers in Puebla recover 50% of foreign visits

Puebla, Pue. Of the 2 million visits per month they had shopping malls in Puebla before the covid-19 pandemic50% has been recovered, and for Holy Week It is expected to reach 80%, this from the promotion carried out by the sector, explained the director of the Association of Shopping Centers of Puebla (Acecop), Andrés De La Luz Espinoza.

He deepened that 70% of tourism comes from the south-southeast of the country, because Angelopolis is an obligatory step towards the center. However, “the recovery of the market is slow”, but it is helping the 74 affiliated complexes not to close more stores due to low sales, which continue at 60%, having only 700 vacant spaces out of 5,000 that they bring together.

He indicated that the clean space certifications granted by the state government contributed to generating that confidence among foreign visitors, who, in addition to visiting the Angelopolis, take the opportunity to buy in a commercial plaza for the variety of products.

He stressed that “people are gradually beginning to go out, but above all they are consuming in the premises, which is positive after five months of absolute confinement in 2020 and some short periods of closing early or not operating on weekends in the first half of last year.

De La Luz Espinoza specified that it should not be wasted to be an obligatory step towards the Mexico Cityand other entities in the central zone of the country, to urge them to make a stopover on their trip so that they can get to know the commercial complexes and their offer.

Offer and promotion

He explained that through groups in cities of neighboring entities they have approached to publicize the offer of shopping centers, this as part of mutual support, since similar sectors throughout the country seek to promote themselves as part of a tourist destination.

The leader admitted that this percentage of foreign visitors is a sign that the tourism sector is recovering despite the fact that there is no strong promotion with government support in the interior of the country.

However, it is expected that the percentage of foreign visitors will remain at these levels for the rest of this year or perhaps it may increase during vacation periods or holidays.

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