Shopping centers are adapted to food and dairy spaces

The World Health Organization recommends that in the first six months of life children receive a diet exclusively of lactation mother, which can be extended up to two years of life in combination with other foods.

However, in Mexico, only one in three babies receives breast milk as their exclusive food, and instead they opt for cow’s milk, formulas or sugary drinks, according to Unicef ​​data.

Given this scenario, initiatives such as Grupo Artsana México with brands such as Chicco and Boppy encourage the implementation of food and milk spaces within malls.

Currently, malls such as Perisur, in Mexico City, and Galerías Metepec, in the State of Mexico, already have this initiative that provides adequate spaces for feeding babies within the malls.

“In the country we have seen that little by little work spaces have implemented lactation that benefit babies and working mothers, however, we do not see much of these practices in public places such as malls”, mentioned Andrea Tejeda, marketing director of Chicco Mexico.

“Being very close to families, we noticed that many mothers entered Chicco stores to sit down and have a comfortable place to breastfeed or feed their babies, and it was there that we thought of setting up a space in Perisur stores. and Galerías Metepec as a lactarian”.

With these spaces for free use, without the need for purchase, available at Chicco stores in Perisur and Galerías Metepec, a suitable place is offered to breastfeed, express milk or prepare the children’s bottle and feel comfortable for this process, the directive pointed out. .

The intention is that this initiative will be present in the future in all Chicco stores nationwide.

An act of care

For Grupo Artsana Mexico, the lactation not only is it important as the main source of nutrition for babies, but it also allows interaction between mother and son, and establishes itself as a source of emotional attention.

According to what was observed by the Chicco and Boppy companies, focused on baby products, parents and caregivers learn to recognize when crying is linked to the need for food, with which it is possible to identify the different reactions of children.

In addition, when feeding mother It not only manages to satisfy the food need, but also forms an affective bond, which gives security to infants, which allows the development of social and emotional skills.

“The lactation Breastfeeding facilitates a good attachment relationship between the baby and its mother. When she offers him her breast, she doesn’t just give him food. She also provides him with comfort and warmth as she holds and hugs him.

And the hormones lactation you receive, they give you peace of mind, well-being and relieve pain. Contact with the mother’s body allows him to recognize her scent, hear her heartbeat and keep warm. These sensations are very similar to those she perceived in her mother’s womb, and they give her confidence and security”, according to information from Grupo Artsana México.

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