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Saturday night’s game between the Washington Nationals and the San Diego Padres was called off after it sparked a shooting outside Nationals Park in a chaotic scene that ended with fans on the field and in the dugouts. The incident occurred on South Capitol Street, near an entrance to the stadium.

Police said there were three victims: a woman who was found injured outside the stadium and two others who showed up at a hospital shortly after and were arrested. Ashan Benedict, the deputy executive director of the DC police, said police believe the incident was a shooting from at least one car into another; They recovered one of the vehicles believed to be involved and are looking for another. One of the people shot was a woman who was attending the game, Benedict said. All of the victims’ injuries are not believed to be life-threatening, police said.

Police officers initially tweeted that there were four people they thought were injured in the incident, but later updated the number to three. Police were trying to determine what triggered the shooting, but noted that they believe it was not related to gambling.

Inside the stadium

After the shooting, players were taken off the field and fans rushed for cover, hiding behind their seats or retreating from the esplanade. Others ran into the field or the exits. According to several people at the game, there were shouts from a “shooter” that sparked riots throughout the park, from the first-tier seats near the third-base gate to the upper-deck sections.

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At about five minutes into that hectic period, when no one was sure where the danger was concentrated, the public address announcer advised fans to remain inside the stadium until the situation was resolved, ensuring that it was beyond the walls. from the park. It was then that a large number of people ran towards the shelters. Most were returned to the stands by security guards, and the park was quietly cleared at 10:15 pm, approximately 45 minutes after the shooting.

Play was suspended and will resume at 1:05 pm Sunday with the Padres leading 8-4. Once the stadium was cleared, a helicopter circled overhead and there were a handful of police cars on the corner of South Capitol and O streets, with officers gathering eyewitness statements.

The Washington Post. Free translation by El Tiempo Latino

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