Shooting at Majahua beach in Acapulco leaves one dead in front of dozens of tourists

This Monday afternoon a direct attack was registered in Majahua beach in Acapulco, Guerrero, which caused the death of a person. In front of dozens of tourists, two armed men got out of a boat and fired at some men who were there.

The Attorney General of the State of Guerrero indicated that its elements are already investigating the homicide by firearm in Raúl “N” offense, committed in the town of Puerto Marqués.

Approximately at 2:20 p.m. This Monday, agents of the Ministerial Police moved to the place, where they found a male person without life.

Witnesses said unknown persons got out of a boat and shot the dead man directly. His body was transferred to the Forensic Medical Service for the practice of the law autopsy.

The Prosecutor’s Office indicated that as a result of this fact, a man was injured when he was hit by the shots, for which he was transferred to a hospital to receive medical attention.

“The State Attorney General’s Office will continue to integrate the corresponding investigation folder, to arrest those likely responsible for the crime,” he mentioned.

In the morning, the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador admitted that violence and homicides continue in Guerrero, despite the recent change of state government in charge of Evelyn salgado.

“In the case of Guerrero, we are going to say that it remains as it was before. Yes, there are these unfortunate acts of violence ”, admitted the head of the Executive.

Insecurity in Guerrero comes in various forms. On November 5, when he left his job at a clinic in Acapulco, he disappeared Gabriela Lizeth, pregnant nurse, and his body was found this weekend in a clandestine grave in Ejido Viejo, municipality of Coyuca de Benítez.

According to the Secretary of National Defense, Luis Crescencio Sandoval, homicides in Guerrero linked to organized crime are on the decline, since 1,462 homicides occurred in 2019; in 2020 about 1,212 cases; and 851 had occurred up to October. “The trend is downward, an important job has been done by all the authorities,” said the secretary on October 24.

Regarding the deployment of the forces in Guerrero, the Secretariat of National Defense has 7,326 men in 12 units throughout the territory, plus 2,030 elements of the National Guard, for a total of 10,266 members, and together with the local police have a force of 16,247 men, mainly in Iguala, Tlapa de Comonfort, Chilapa, Cruz Grande, Acapulco, Chilpancingo, Petatán, Zihuatanejo, Pungarabato and Teloloapan.

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