‘She’s not going to report her son’ Royal expert gets in line with the queen and Prince Andrew

On March 29, a congregation of 1,800 people, including the Queen, members of the royal family, politicians, members of European royalty and friends, gathered at Westminster Abbey to pay their respects to the late Duke of Edinburgh. The occasion was the first large-scale public event attended by the 95-year-old monarch outside the palace walls since last October.

He arrived on the arm of his second son, Prince Andrew, and was also wielding a cane.

The event marked a rare public appearance for the duke, who was recently stripped of his military titles and royal patronages.

The Thanksgiving Service was his first appearance since settling his sexual assault civil case brought against him by Virginia Giuffre.

The Duke settled out of court with Mrs Giuffre, but this was not an admission of guilt and Andrew vehemently denies his claims.

After the Queen and Andrew arrived together, a heated debate broke out among royal observers and pundits alike.

Some claimed that the appearance of the mother and son was controversial, while others claimed that Andrew has a right to be at an event honoring his late father.

Royal commentator Victoria Arbiter discussed the controversy facing the sovereign in a column for the Australian lifestyle site 9Honey.

Mrs. Arbitro wrote: “[The Queen] unleashed a wave of fury when she arrived on the arm of Prince Andrew for the Thanksgiving Service honoring Prince Philip.

“Spurred in part by a gang of online trolls who were unwilling to allow her an iota of relief, her actions arguably drew worldwide scorn and the condemnation that followed was strong and extreme.”

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“Breathless, she rightly stripped him of nearly every royal privilege known to princely men, but she is clearly not prepared to denounce him as her son.”

Andrew was stripped of his remaining military titles and sponsorships in January amid the civil case brought against him in the US, which has since been settled.

A Buckingham Palace spokesman also noted that the Duke would not be able to use his title of His Royal Highness in any official capacity.

Several charities had already cut ties with the prince following his disastrous BBC Newsnight interview in 2019, where he discussed his relationship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

At the time, the duke noted that he would be stepping away from royal life for the “foreseeable future.”

Since then, Andrew has only appeared in a few select royal events.

He was one of 30 mourners who gathered last April to attend Prince Philip’s funeral.

The somber event had a limited guest list due to coronavirus measures in place at the time.

The Queen was forced to sit masked and alone, away from others, as restrictions prevented households from mixing with one another.

At Felipe’s funeral two weeks ago, she was flanked by members of the Royal Family.

The monarch sat in the front row of the service with her two eldest children, Prince Charles and Princess Anne, and their respective partners.


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