Sherbrooke: first commitments of candidates for mayor

Eclipsed by the federal election, it was not until the sixth day of the municipal election campaign to hear the first commitments from the candidates for mayor of Sherbrooke.

Luc Fortin promises to improve the functioning of the municipal council. It proposes no less than 18 measures to make it more efficient and transparent, such as reassessing the relevance of all committees, reviewing the role of the board chair, promoting family-political reconciliation and surveying the population once a year on services. from the city.

“It is important to define how we are going to work together before talking about what we are going to accomplish together,” said Mr. Fortin on Wednesday.

For its part, the Sherbrooke Citizen team and their leader Évelyne Beaudin are committed to investing nearly $ 1 million for the construction of an urban bicycle park track.

“We could eventually have them in different sectors of the City, but we will start with a more central one accessible at all levels. We will consult the population on the ideal location, ”assured Ms. Beaudin.

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