Sheinbaum confuses Evo with Merkel

Claudia Sheinbaum suddenly executes a promotional campaign to sow international weight in her political features.

His few demonstrations on international issues have been unfortunate.

He handed over the keys to Mexico City to Evo Morales, a traitor of democracy (he broke the plebiscite on his recent presidential candidacy because he lost it), and made public his ignorance of the German political system.

The latter he wrote on Twitter in 2019: “Angela Merkel has been in power for 14 years, but since it is Germany nobody says anything. Evo Morales has been in the presidency for 13 years by sovereign decision of his people, but as it is a developing country, they accuse him of being a “dictator” ”.

Merkel is elected by Parliament, not the ballot box. Evo Morales violated the Constitution that he himself drafted, and something else, after having resented the withdrawal of support from the main Bolivian union in the last elections, orchestrated electoral fraud. But by projecting the rhetoric of the “good savage” he created the typical Chavista script: “they wanted to give us a coup because they discriminate against us.”

López Obrador’s organic candidate, Claudia Sheinbaum prioritizes her relationship with the president over the use of a mask. “We have been fighting together for so many years that a mask is not going to divide us, I simply thought that way and I said so, but I do not criticize the other one either,” he commented to Javier Lafuente for the El País magazine.

It is not necessary to recall the confusion caused by the flattering acts of López-Gatell and the “stop” stamps.

Claudia Sheinbaum has not known an international speech or a trip abroad where she has met with mayors of the great metropolises to raise common problems, envisioning solutions.

Her inclination towards President López Obrador includes the issue of feminism. “I think he is a deeply feminist man,” when in reality, the president’s agenda is not distinguished by being progressive. How many years have you not uttered the words “progressive left”?

Sheinbaum is to find itself in 2024 with an economically injured and publicly aggrieved middle class.

Popularity is non-transferable, and less in crisis scenarios. Leaderships are never codependent or mimic.

Six more years with a presidency with an ethnocentric vision are not desirable or imaginable. Nationalism does not help solve problems such as global warming, pandemics, and migration.

Confusing Evo Morales with Angela Merkel has a democratic cost.


Fausto Pretelin Muñoz de Cote

Consultant, academic, editor

Globali … what?

He was a research professor in the Department of International Studies at ITAM, published the book Referendum Twitter and was editor and contributor to various newspapers such as 24 Horas, El Universal, Milenio. He has published in magazines such as Foreign Affairs, Le Monde Diplomatique, Life & Style, Chilango and Revuelta. He is currently an editor and columnist for El Economista.

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