Shaved hair to support Tristan

He received support from the wider hockey community. Carey Price sent him his encouragement by video. And today, it was the turn of Tristan Ménard’s teammates to have their heads shaved as a sign of their support and love.

Because a month ago, from the height of his 13 years, the goalkeeper of the French College of Longueuil received the diagnosis that no teenager should have to hear. He should be battling a rare cancer, gray zone lymphoma.

Both his mother Émilie Nadon and his school’s sports director, Jacques Blouin, talk about “the shock” they had when they learned of the test results at the end of January.

“When Tristan told us that he would be on extended absence for the rest of the season, that he had to change his life on a 10 cent, it shook us, it upset us,” said Mr. Blouin with emotion. , Start of the week.

Aggressive treatments

Tristan Ménard quickly entered Sainte-Justine Hospital in Montreal for chemotherapy sessions that kept him away from home for three weeks. He returned home for a few days on Tuesday, but will have to return to undergo treatment next week, then others in the coming months.

Because this rare cancer, for which the cure rate is between 75 and 80%, must be treated “very aggressively”, explained Mr. Blouin.

Despite everything, the young athlete keeps his spirits up, assures his mother. Of course, he has his ups and downs, but the hardest thing right now is not being able to go to school and playing hockey.

Sometimes, when he feels fit enough, a nurse brings a bike to his room so he can stretch his legs.

Hit straight to the heart

The news of her cancer came as no surprise to her parents and manager. His teammates were touched straight to the heart by the announcement of his illness.

So much so that Chantale Charron, the mother of a young player, set up this fundraising campaign with Leucan, as part of the Shaved Head Challenge.

When he heard the news, Tristan had a shock in turn.

“He was happy, but also surprised,” says the goalkeeper’s mother. He didn’t understand why they were doing this! »

$24,000 raised

The call was quickly heard. Today, in the cafeteria of the Collège Français, the 20 teammates of the M15 team had their hair shaved in support of their friend, in front of many students who had come to encourage them.

The fathers of the players also went under the razors of a friend of Mme Charron, who is a hairdresser.

By early evening today, over $24,000 had been raised through this campaign. Donations that will help fund research, as well as support children with cancer and their families.

Tristan couldn’t be here today. Due to his treatments, he cannot leave the house. But obviously, he will not be alone in his fight.

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