Shared custody apartments

In addition to shared custody of their children, parents are now sharing their apartments in order to have the means to maintain a pied-à-terre near their children.

“My children go to school in Montreal and live with their mother. I have a house in Estrie, but I wanted to be there to look after my children a few days every two weeks,” says Pascal Côté.

After spending a few days a month at the hotel for a year to be close to his two little ones, the engineer decided to rent an apartment allowing him to have a permanent base.

“I wanted to provide stability for my children and an environment where we could leave our things,” he says.

However, since he already has a mortgage to pay for his permanent residence, his rent of $1,200 was too high for him to be able to pay it alone.

He therefore found another father in the same situation as him, with whom he shares his accommodation located in the east of the city.

Also for a caregiver

Geneviève Tardy is also considering sharing her apartment with another tenant.

The CEGEP geography teacher decided to rent a room in Lanaudière to be closer to her aging mother and uncle.

However, she must stay in Montreal every other week, when she has custody of her daughter.

“I don’t want to ruin myself trying to help others. If I’m going to be there 50% of the time, why not rent my apartment to someone who needs it? “, she specifies.

His proposal has aroused enthusiasm among several people, including a photographer from Saguenay who is looking for a pied-à-terre in Montreal or a lady who wishes to have a new place outside her house to concentrate when she is teleworking.

“Not everyone wants to be shared. It’s like Airbnb, but not for profit, ”says the forties.


Those tempted by such a rental model should be careful, according to tenant advocacy organizations.

This model “does not exist in the law. Already we see that there are holes in the law and that tenants are poorly protected, in case of disagreement, who will intervene? asks Véronique Laflamme, spokesperson for the Popular Action Front in urban redevelopment.

If the original tenant decides to rent to another person, “there is a danger for the person who is on the lease and there is no protection for the person who is not on the lease”, confirms Marion Duval, spokesperson for the Regrouping of Housing Committees and Tenant Associations of Quebec.

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