‘Shalom Barcelona’: the city looks for the Jewish tourist

  • An international promotion begins to capture this market, mainly from Israel and the US, with a specific ‘marketplace’ for them

The reconquest of lost tourism and the new challenge of capturing higher quality visitors taking advantage of the change in cycle will lead this month to Barcelona start a major campaign promotion and marketing focused specifically on the Jewish market. On the one hand, the action ‘Barcelona connects Israel‘ will take place in the next few days in Tel Aviv, within the framework of a tourism fair, and due to the special qualities of this traveler, with above-average spending and interest in cultural heritage, gastronomy, sports and the nature that can be found in the environment. But there is also a more global action, to Jews also from USA and Europea, consisting of a ‘marketplace‘ or content platform where they can access all local products (from hotels to restaurants and cultural routes) linked to their religion.

Barcelona tourism announced this Wednesday the details of the initiative, which wants to “position Barcelona as a destination with a great legacy of Sephardic Jewish heritage”, explained the general director of the consortium, Marián Muro. She has underlined that it is an important traveler for Barcelona, ​​with 431,000 tourists in 2019, who now want to get it back and even increase by 25% due to its great potential and taking advantage of the good air connections. For this reason, as a first step, a delegation travels from March 27 to 29 in the IMTM fair tourism innovation and will hold meetings with the main networks of travel agencies in the country, among other companies.

A ‘tailor-made suit’ for the traveler

During those days there will be a presentation of Barcelona and the new contents that are to be promoted, ranging from innovation, technology, culture, gastronomy and sustainability to the new Sephardic ‘marketplace’. The latter, ‘Shalom Barcelona’ focuses on a “very important and specific market with a very specific culture, customs and idiosyncrasies”, so the new digital tool is like “a tailored suit for that market,” Muro emphasized.

For almost a year the organization has worked on a platform that collects content and products with a specialized offer in the city for the Jewish visitor it wants to seduce. Both promoting the Catalan capital as a destination, and visually highlighting the importance of the Jewish heritage, giving a new perspective of knowledge, after working with the town hall and the Center d’Interpretació del Call, among others. So, entering https://sefarad.visitbarcelona.com can be organized from visits to points of interest for that traveler, to Hotels located near synagoguesor even reserve restaurants with certificate koshereven with a Michelin star, have been highlighted by the consortium.

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According to the data provided, the Jewish community in Israel adds up to 6.5 million people, Meanwhile in USA is 5.7. The platform – which will also be released on the east coast of the United States in a promotional trip in May, and in European markets – contains information and links to other tourist products in Barcelona to try to respond to a market that also travels motivated to go to festivals and musical shows, they say. Shopping, active tourism, nature are other claims, without forgetting in the Israeli case the powerful LGTBI community, which also finds a traveler link in this area with Barcelona, ​​has reported Mateo Asensio, Director of Promotion. This information will also be released with a media campaign before Easter.

To contextualize the importance or potential of this public, Muro explained that in 2019, 10.4 million travelers from Israel traveled. Catalonia and especially Barcelona captured 68% of those who landed in Spain. Last year, the Catalan capital occupied the 11th position there in searches for accommodation, and the second in volume of checks issued in Tax Free. Their average stay is around three days and they have the advantage of two airlines with a direct connection.

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