Sexual misconduct in the military: leaders do not agree on solutions

The leaders of the three major federal parties are all committed to tackling sexual misconduct in the Canadian Armed Forces, but they do not all have the same way of doing it.

We asked the Liberal on Wednesday morning Justin trudeau, to the curator Erin O’Toole and the New Democrat Jagmeet Singh if they were ready to make a commitment to create an independent watchdog to tackle inappropriate and criminal sexual behavior in the military.

This issue was rarely raised during the election campaign, after more than six months of troubling allegations, parliamentary hearings in Ottawa and various promises.

Mr. Trudeau did not want to commit to creating an independent body: instead he promised that a Liberal government would follow the recommendations of retired Supreme Court judge Louise Arbor, who is currently studying the issue.

Mr. O’Toole, for his part, has pledged to create an independent oversight body. The former Air Force member said a Conservative government would also implement a freeze on promotions within the military staff, while the problem is tackled.

Singh, for his part, promised that an NDP government would instead act on the recommendations of another retired Supreme Court judge, Marie Deschamps. In a damning report in 2015, Deschamps recommended the creation of a truly independent center, outside the chain of command, which would be the main authority to receive reports of inappropriate and criminal behavior in the military.

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