Sexual Abuse Allegations Against Robert Miller | A billionaire without a bank account?

Billionaire Robert Miller, one of the richest people in Quebec, does not have a bank account in his name and never had one. That’s what his right-hand woman said in court on Thursday, as part of proceedings brought by one of dozens of women who claim they were recruited to provide sexual services to the then-businessman. that they were minors.

“Mr. Miller does not have a bank account. Not one ! », Launched Sam Abrams, who was a close collaborator of Robert Miller for years, during his testimony in Superior Court.

The hearing took place as part of a lawsuit filed by a woman who says she was the victim of a “planned system of sexual exploitation of minor or recently adult girls” for the benefit of Robert Miller, the founder of the Future Electronics company. She says she remained under the influence of this network for 20 years, suffering serious after-effects, and is therefore claiming $8 million in compensation. The woman’s identity is protected by a publication ban and she can only be identified by the initials “A.B.”

Me Jean-Philippe Caron, the plaintiff’s lawyer, who questioned Sam Abrams on Thursday, seemed surprised by the witness’s response. “A billionaire doesn’t have a single bank account? », he asked again.

“That’s right,” Mr. Abrams said confidently. The witness then explained that he himself kept an account at the Royal Bank of Canada, in his name, for decades, for the benefit of his boss, whose name was not listed anywhere.

As Mr. Miller does not have a bank account, Future Electronics regularly transferred money into this account. It was essentially a personal account for Mr. Miller. When Mr. Miller takes money from Future Electronics, Future Electronics (allocates) the money to him, and he pays taxes on that money personally.

Sam Abrams, close associate of Robert Miller

Mr. Abrams admitted during the hearing that the account had been used to pay several tens of thousands of dollars to A. B. between 2022 and 2023, after she had been contacted by a Radio-Canada journalist who was investigating Robert Miller . The money came directly from Future Electronics, according to bank documents presented to the court.

A. B., who refused to collaborate with the journalist for her report, ultimately received $95,000. However, she refused to sign a release under which she waived future actions against Robert Miller. Shortly after, she filed her lawsuit in Superior Court.

Sam Abrams did not provide concrete proof of the lack of a bank account in Robert Miller’s name. There are many opaque states in the world where the exchange of banking information with Canada is difficult, if not non-existent.

Where is his money?

The testimony of Mr. Miller’s right-hand man is likely to have a major impact on several future proceedings. The account that Mr. Abrams had registered in his name at the Royal Bank was closed by the institution for “reputational” reasons, according to what was presented to the court.

No one has explained how Mr. Miller now accesses his funds.

The businessman sold the Montreal multinational Future Electronics to a Taiwanese giant last September, for the sum of CAN 5.14 billion. In addition to the 8 million suit filed by A. B., around fifty women have also asked to join a request for collective action against the businessman, because they say they were recruited to offer him prostitution services. juvenile. The collective action follows the broadcast of a Radio-Canada report in which several women testified to this recruitment and remuneration system.

The Montreal City Police Service (SPVM) also reopened a criminal investigation, closed several years ago, into the allegations against Mr. Miller. The investigation includes a section on the use of his fortune to pay young girls and private detectives. Like the plaintiffs in the class action, the police will seek to understand how the businessman accesses his money.

Robert Miller suffers from health problems, according to his lawyer, Me Karim Renno.

He has very advanced Parkinson’s and heart problems. Mr. Miller can’t leave his room. Every time I want to see him, I have to travel. There are no meetings at my office.

Me Karim Renno, lawyer for Robert Miller

In a magazine interview ForbesMr. Miller has previously said he is interested in cryonics and funding the Alcor Life Extension Foundation, a group that freezes human bodies and brains in liquid nitrogen after death in hopes of resurrecting them if death occurs. technology will allow it one day.

Identity to protect

The hearings will continue this Friday, while Mr. Miller’s lawyers will try to gain recognition that the plaintiff A. B. already came to an agreement with the businessman last year, that she has already been compensated and that she can’t sue him for more money today.

The proceedings take place in a particular climate, while protecting the identity of the complainant is a priority for the court. Thursday, two people burst into the courtroom of the Montreal courthouse, located on a floor where no other cases were being heard.

“We were walking in Old Montreal, and since my son has never seen this, a court room, I thought I would take him to see it,” explained one of the two men.

Judge Marc St-Pierre promptly ordered the two men to come forward to the side of the witness box, to state their identity and address. “The court orders you not to reveal the name of the party prosecuting in this case,” insisted the magistrate.

“This is an order from the Superior Court, and you could be in contempt of court,” he warned.


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