Several commitments to secure a dangerous intersection

In the aftermath of the death of a cyclist in tragic circumstances at a busy intersection in the Plateau-Mont-Royal, the formation of Valerie Plante promised Tuesday to extend a cycle path in the area, while the aspiring mayor Denis Coderre was inspired by another political party to propose the development of a roundabout at this location.

A cyclist traveling south on avenue du Parc was killed on Monday, around 3:30 p.m., when he was struck by the driver of a truck as he was crossing the intersection of avenue du Mont- Royal. The collision took place in the middle of the intersection as the vehicle, which was traveling in the same direction as the cyclist, made a right turn to reach Mont-Royal Avenue.

The death of the victim, a 31-year-old man, was observed in a hospital center. The suspect, a 25-year-old man, was arrested in Outremont on a hit and run causing death. He also appeared at the Montreal courthouse on Tuesday, a spokesperson for the Montreal Police Department told the To have to.

According to the police force, this is the third death of a cyclist on the road in Montreal since the beginning of the year, against one last year and none in 2019.

“When there are accidents like this, it reminds us of our responsibility to transform the road network to make it safer. At the City of Montreal, we are taking several serious actions to transform our road network in a sustainable way in order to offer more safety to users ”, reacted Tuesday afternoon the person in charge of mobility to the executive and elected committee of Projet Montreal. , Eric Alan Caldwell, during a press conference held a few steps from the scene of the tragedy.

Cycle path

In order to prevent such a situation from happening again, Valérie Plante’s party promises, if it is re-elected, to extend the protected bike path from Chemin de la Côte-Sainte-Catherine to Rue Rachel, more to ballast. The mayor of Outremont, Philipe Tomlinson, made a “firm commitment” on Tuesday to carry out this section, without however offering more details on this project. This would have a length of about 500 meters.

“We will let the City’s experts make proposals to us. But we recognize that there is an issue that must be made a priority, ”said Mr. Tomlinson.

Mr. Caldwell for his part mentioned the potential installation of a “photo-radar” on Park Avenue, to encourage vehicles to slow down. A new reserved lane for buses will also see the light of day on this artery which, hopes the elected representative, will contribute to a “modal transfer” of motorists to public transport. Transitional measures to secure the intersection will also be put in place on Avenue du Parc from “next spring”, pledged the mayor of Plateau-Mon-Royal, Luc Rabouin, who is a candidate for re-election.

“This entire intersection must be rethought and it is part of this firm desire to give each mode of travel its own use”, for her part reacted Tuesday the mayor Valérie Plante, on the sidelines of another media event. “Every death is unacceptable and could be avoided,” she added.

A roundabout

“Vision zero is to ensure that there are zero accidents and zero deaths”, for his part launched during his own press conference the aspiring mayor and head of Ensemble Montréal, Denis Coderre, in reference to the approach adopted by the City to aim to minimize road collisions on its territory.

Mr. Coderre also said he saw with a “good eye” the proposal made Monday evening on Twitter by the head of Ralliement pour Montréal, Marc-Antoine Desjardins, who believes that the City should study the possibility of developing a roundabout at this dangerous intersection.

“All good ideas have to be done. They must be achieved, ”added Mr. Coderre. Joined by The dutyMr. Desjardins said he was blessed to see his idea taken up by one of the two main political parties competing in this election campaign. According to him, the development of a green roundabout at this intersection would send “a message not to drive fast” at this location, while bringing “a certain charm” to it.

“There are a lot of scenarios on the table. It just lacks the leadership to seriously study them, ”said Mr. Desjardins.

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