Series: Revenge of the Civilized World, by Mónica Vázquez

Waking up is a nightmare. We open our eyes, shedding the darkness of sleep to seek the light of a new day, and instead we find a tortuous reality that plunges us into misery. The world seems condemned to a constant invasion of the worst version of the human being, replicating itself uncontrollably contaminating our present and all hope of a better future. We open our eyes and give in to the temptation to close them again, trapped in the impotence of someone who knows he is a pawn in a political chess game that is alien to him. We make coffee well and try to be better that morning, to be part of that mass that will not remain silentwhich will be part of the change even if it costs, even if it comes too late, even if it is never big enough.

What to do when the world falls apart in front of your eyes? We want to trust that the world is not governed by absurdities but by human tendencies that extol the best of ourselves, as individuals and as a community. But perhaps that is the greatest fiction of all. And as we embrace that vibrant hope, we continue with the routine that we have built to give meaning to our lives, to feel an air of purpose in our walk.

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There will be those who take refuge in comedies, romances, or distant science fiction stories. But for those who live with a thirst for justice, for those who are unable to switch off no matter how hard they try, and find themselves chewing bellicose speeches on ethics and morals in the shower, fiction may not be enough. For them I recommend a little true crime marathon, courtesy of Netflix. The series in question is called ‘Catching Killers’produced by Simon Dekker and Diana Sole Walko, and breaks down the details of how found and brought to justice six of the most dangerous murderers in recent history. We heard from the lips of investigators the most human and emotional side from the hunt to the murderer, sharing with them the crude and violent satisfaction of a job well done, the revenge of the civilized world against the sadistic dehumanization of the criminal.

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