September, with a new cargo pick-up at the Queretaro airport

Querétaro, Qro. During September, the Querétaro International Airport (AIQ) had an optimal performance in cargo flow, as it handled 5,560.4 tons.

This is the highest monthly tonnage of the current year: January 4,794.1 tons, February 4,531.4, March 5,438.8, April 5,150.7, May 5,094.0, June 5,512.9, July 5,225.7, August 5188.6 and September 5,560.4, details information from the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT ).

This September 2021 figure is unprecedented in the last three years, until August 2018, when the flow was 5,660.1 tons.

In September, the AIQ ranked as the fourth with the highest cargo volume, below the airports of Mexico City (45,915 tons), Guadalajara (14,692) and Monterrey (5,729).

From January to September, the Querétaro airport accumulated 46,496.7 tons of cargo, which means an increase of 19.1% compared to the prepandemic level.

This accumulated also means an increase of 54.7% compared to the previous year, when in that period it added 30,058.2 tons, the year in which cargo operations fell in the framework of the first effects of the pandemic.

The cargo volume as of September is supported by domestic cargo, which represents 65.5% (30,477.4 tons).

Throughout the year, the monthly average of AIQ cargo is around 5,166.3 tons, which is also higher than the monthly average of previous years, since in 2020 the average closed at 3,762 tons, as well as higher than the prepandemic average of 2019 , when it was 4,234.4 tons per month; and it even exceeds the monthly average of 2018 when it was around 4,440.8.

During September, in domestic cargo, the airport ranked third nationally, with 3,533 tons, ranking below Mexico City (7,548) and Guadalajara (3,852). In the accumulated January-September, it is also in third position.

In international cargo, the AIQ was in fifth position both in September and in the accumulated; in the ninth month it moved 2,027 tons, below Mexico City (38,367), Guadalajara (10,840), Monterrey (3,510) and Toluca (2,138).

In total cargo, in the first nine months, the AIQ was fourth: Mexico City (412,739.2 tons), Guadalajara (147,552.2), Monterrey (95,645.4), Querétaro (46,496.7) and Toluca (40,598.5).

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