Observations on the sentence of the murderer of Thomas Cameron, who pleaded guilty last summer to second degree murder, began Wednesday in the youth chamber of the Court of Quebec at the Sherbrooke courthouse.

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The prosecution requested that the accused be subject to an adult sentence, even though he was 17 years and 11 months old when the crime was committed in August 2019, at Adrien-Cambron Park in Sherbrooke.

According to the factual framework, the accused asked Thomas Cameron to show him a knife he had in his possession. However, as soon as he showed it to him, he seized it to strike him several blows.

The 18-year-old victim tried to escape him and begged him to stop, but the accused continued.

According to the psychiatrist who evaluated him, there is nothing to conclude that a psychosis or a mental health problem could have played a role in this completely gratuitous aggression.

The accused had consumed amphetamines and alcohol.

“Surprised, he felt attacked […]. He saw black […]. Enraged, he lost control of himself, ”recounted doctor Martin Gignac. The latter rules out the possibility that a psychotic delirium is involved and advocates more a problem of cognitive distortion.

Tomorrow, Thomas’ mother, Karine Cameron, must address the judge on her behalf and that of her son.

She wrote a five-page letter explaining the consequences of the tragic events on her life

In his eyes, it would be inconceivable that the murderer of his son, because he was one month away from turning 18 at the time of the events, should be sentenced to a youth sentence and thus avoid having to serve a minimum of 10 years. of imprisonment.

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Other witnesses, including the intervenors who wrote the pre-sentence report, must be heard; sentencing submissions are scheduled over three days.


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