Sentenced to three months in prison | He encouraged people to “sacrifice” themselves to carry out terrorist acts.

(Longueuil) A Longueuil resident who faced rare terrorism charges was sentenced to three months in prison for threatening to kill politicians and inciting people to commit terrorist acts. Suffering from mental health problems, he once threw a fake bomb live in front of a police station.

Last May, François-Xavier Jean went live on TikTok. He smokes crack in a pipe. For the umpteenth time, he spits his gall. He tells his listeners that he intends to “kill lots of politicians in the National Assembly” and that he is going to “reincarnate to kill lots of people”. He doesn’t stop there: he incites people “to sacrifice themselves to carry out terrorist acts.”

The 29-year-old man, nicknamed “Prophètequébecofficiel”, according to the docket, pleaded guilty to certain charges on January 19 at the Longueuil courthouse, including having threatened the death of politicians, having fomented hatred against politicians and having harassed TVA employees.

A few months earlier, François-Xavier Jean sent an email to TVA with a worrying ultimatum. If his message was not presented on screen during the broadcast Hi hello !, an employee was going to die. “He mentioned that the police had been notified. That there would be attacks,” summarized the Crown prosecutor.

In another case, François-Xavier Jean was accused in mid-December 2023 of having posed as a police officer, of having transmitted threats to kill people to the Longueuil agglomeration police service (SPAL). citizens and, above all, of inciting fear of terrorist activities, an accusation rarely seen in Quebec.

More precisely, he was accused of having “committed an act which, taking into account the context, was likely to give rise to a reasonable fear that terrorist activities were or would be carried out, without being convinced that this was so”.

However, these charges, including that linked to terrorism, were withdrawn by the Crown last Friday when François-Xavier Jean admitted his guilt in the other cases. We therefore do not know what the man did to make the police fear terrorist activities on December 15.

Prison, a “lesson”

The lawyers presented the court with a joint suggestion of three months of detention. A relatively lenient sentence for someone with such a long criminal record.

“We are talking about someone who has quite significant consumption and mental health problems. He has had several diagnoses in the past,” explained his lawyer, M.e Olivier Beliveau.

Judge Dominique Dudemaine then wondered aloud about the accused’s inability to stop using. “We are not going to put Monsieur back in a situation where he could find himself in breach (of condition),” he worried.

“(Prison) is enough of a lesson not to start using again. (…) I understood the lesson. (…) I had my quota,” the accused then replied.

We are proposing something relatively lenient. I understand it’s because of the drugs. If you continue to use and be threatening to the public, politicians, journalists and ordinary people, the only way to protect society is prison.

Judge Dominique Dudemaine, during the trial of François-Xavier Jean

The judge endorsed the common suggestion of three months in prison. But as the accused has been in preventive detention for 92 days, his sentence has in fact already been served. However, he will be subject to two years’ probation which will require him to undergo therapy for his consumption.

“There’s a bomb!” »

In April 2021, François-Xavier Jean filmed himself live on Facebook saying he wanted to bring a “gift” or a “bomb” to the police station. It was an April Fools’ joke. He was then in a period of “disorganization”, according to the facts presented in court at the time.

According to The Montreal Journal, the preparation of his “prank” and even his arrest were broadcast live on Facebook. “We’re going to go and put on a show at the police station,” he repeated in his video.

François-Xavier Jean first cut his hair, then placed tennis balls in a shoe box. He finally threw it in front of the Longueuil police station, shouting: “There’s a bomb! ”, according to the accepted facts. The suspect was quickly intercepted by a police officer.

He pleaded guilty in 2022 to one count of mischief for this affair, as well as to counts of assault on a psychiatrist and assault with a weapon against three employees of the Pierre-Boucher hospital. During a hospitalization in 2019, Jean threw computers and screens at the victims. In 2020, he punched his psychiatrist twice.

According to the Crown prosecutor, François-Xavier Jean was responsible for his actions targeting the police station, since “his disorganization was driven by poor lifestyle and not by his mental health problems”.

Judge Marc-Antoine Carette, however, qualified this observation: “It was very limited, according to the conclusion. Very limited. » The judge sentenced François-Xavier Jean to a suspended sentence and two years’ probation, a sentence which took into account his long closed therapy and 41 days of preventive detention.


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